Pix: Russian-Israeli WW II vets march in Jerusalem

Immigration Minister Sofa Landver walks with Russian-Israeli World War II veterans as they take part in the Veterans Day parade in honor of 70 years since the Allies’ victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, in the center of Jerusalem. May 10, 2015

Russian-Israeli World War II veterans march in Jerusalem, marking the 70th anniversary of the Allies’ victory over Nazi Germany.



  • But why don’t they live in Russia?

    Ladies and gentlemen, an old WWII favourite:


    • Frau Katze

      They left after the USSR collapsed. There was a big influx.

      • That I know.

        It was something of a rhetorical question. Why stick around in the country that invented the pogrom?

        • Norman_In_New_York

          Because the Soviet government wouldn’t let them leave.

          • Indeed.

            I suppose this is another part of Russian history Putin would have everyone forget.

      • Waffle

        Emigration restrictions were relaxed in the early 1970’s resulting in many Soviet Jews making aliyah.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Around a million and a half Jews served in the allied armed forces during the war, including a 91-year-old member of my congregation who was a bombardier on a B-29. That number also included around 10,000 who had escaped from Nazi Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia prior to the war and were assigned to intelligence units (such as Henry Kissinger).

    • Waffle

      Canada had the highest number per capita of Jewish volunteers in the armed forces. Approx. 20,00 out of a total population of 175,000 men, women and children. My father and 3 of his brothers signed up.

  • truthdareisay

    Too bad my dad is not alive to read about this. They also honoured Russian vets at Queen’s Park last week. My dad was a Jewish war vet from the Russian army.