PhD Candidate Writes Illiterate Dissertation to Protest Grammar Colonialism

Any day now we’ll hit peak Social Justice Warrior. Either that or we’ll end up eating each other to protest agricultural colonialism.

If you’re wondering why architecture is such a mess these days, it’s because despite being somewhat more real world than the usual Social Justice Warrior fields like sociology or unpacking critical race microaggressions and a ham sandwich, it’s increasingly made up of the same lunatics smearing their feces on the wall while claiming that they’re protesting colonialism or Bush.

Meet Patrick Stewart, not that one. The PhD candidate writing a dissertation on indigenous architecture (not a thing) and indigenous knowledge (lack of grammar) using his illiterate powers to protest colonialism. He’s got a funny hat which makes him ‘indigenous.’

Stewart’s dissertation, titled Indigenous Architecture through Indigenous Knowledge, eschews almost all punctuation. There are no periods, no commas, no semi-colons in the 52,438-word piece. Stewart concedes the odd question mark, and resorts to common English spelling, but he ignores most other conventions, including the dreaded upper case. His paper has no standard paragraphs.

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Even worse, this idiot is at the University of BC.  WTF indeed.


Patrick Stewart has designed a number of high-profile buildings, including the Aboriginal Children’s Village, pictured, a unique, 24-unit residence for foster children and their families in Vancouver.