Pakistan birthplace of ISIS: Tarek Fatah

AHMEDABAD: Tarek Fatah, Pakistan-born Canadian writer, broadcaster and a secular and liberal activist said on Saturday that Syria or Egypt is not the originator of the idea of Islamic State.

“Pakistan is the real birthplace of the Islamic state terrorism and Pakistan army headquarters is the birthplace of ISIS. Muslim brotherhood, Taliban, ISIS are all different flavours of the same poisonous coco-cola which is Pakistan army. They do not have anything to do with Islam. They have made Islam a business,” said Fatah.

  • Gary

    While Sheema Khan was at CAIR it seems that she knew that CAIR was funding Hamas post 9/11 because in 2009 CAIR was exposed by the FBI in Texas for using some of the donations that got to divert to the bogus islamic Charity to wash them and send to the middle east for jihad.

    Khan ( aka Con-job Khan) jumped ship and now pretends to be pro-canada and support Human Rights , CAIR changed its name but the smell hasn’t.

    Here’s a video where the taqqiyah weasel from CAIR not only calls Tarek an islamophobe, but the hamas linked CAIR refused to renounce the armed jihad doctrine which make Sheema Khan look worse because it must have been CAIR’s Policy to support jihad .

    • CAIR should be outlawed.

      • WalterBannon

        Islam should be outlawed

  • ontario john

    I’m sure the thousands of muslims that we import from Pakistan will change once they are in Canada.

    • WalterBannon

      hope and change

    • Censored_EG

      Diversity and vibrancy! Yay! The real benefit, for those who have ever been to Islamissauga or other muzzie zones in Canada on a sunny hot day is the lack of understanding about deodorant. Is it haram? One can just smell the diversity! Yay!

  • Censored_EG

    “They do not have anything to do with Islam.” They, of course, in this quote, refers to ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Taliban.

    They have everything to do with Islam, the dangerous psychopathic totalitarian cult that elevates an Arab warlord pedophile asshole to the status of a “prophet” and spreads its death cult by the sword and the suicide vest and the methods of political correctness, immigration, and lawfare.

    I do respect Tarek Fatah, but in this case he’s 100% wrong. ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Taliban are perfect representatives of Islam because they are Islam.

  • Warren Raymond

    For the Paki military Islam has become a business, Tarek says. But that doesn’t make them any less Islamic, Tareq. It doesn’t.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    CAIR is slick using a spokesman who looks western sounds western but really isn’t.

  • cmh

    he’s right

  • gamaa

    Sharia-is-sharia-is-SHARIA whether it is preached from the mosques of Mogadishu ,Jalalabad, Islamabad , Mecca …..
    The Islamic state’s, et al , puritanical sharia will be tolerated , sharia-is-sharia-is-sharia whether it manifests itself in a hijab,niqab or burqa { the whole nine yards of Wahhabi crazy, we have Canadian females fighting for the acceptance of the black-shroud ! } .
    Muslims will not criticize sharia that would be tantamount to heresy. The Taliban,Tehreek-e-Tailban Pakistan{ TTP, the Taliban are considered pious by many Pakistanis } Boko Haram, Hamas, al-Qaeda ,Hezbollah, al-Shabaab and the Saudi Salafists {keepers of Islam’s holy sites} ect…. all implement nefarious forms of sharia with impunity.
    It wasn’t one giant leap for mankind but one small step for a vicious and vindictive flavour of sharia that transformed a relatively modern Afghani society of the 1960’s into one worshipping a malicious totalitarian ideology . A society that valued its beasts of burden more than they valued their woman, a society frightened to death by educated girls , while main-stream Islam { & IT’S ‘LIBERATED’ muslimahs} conveniently looked the other way ……… ….. ignoring their sisters being brutalized ……… from Afghanistan to Zanzibar, vast swatches of humanity are forcefully submitted ,in varying degrees, by backward , pernicious and vindictive divine laws…… sharia-is-sharia-is-sharia ,
    “Islam is a “supremacist socio-political system” that “will not coexist in the same place as democracy.” “Islam is a system that Allah revealed to dominate all other religions,”…….. Western political and judicial structures: they must fall. They must give way to Islam. There will be no governance but Islamic governance. This must be the case, because Allah has decreed it so….. this MSM { Main-stream-Mindset } is why Islam will accept, is accepting ISIS’s pernicious sharia!
    Do not expect MSM { Main –Stream-Muslims } to protest and demand a renaissance , or vociferously demand for an ideological reformation that would ultimately DIVESTS itself of SHARIA and the JIHAD to implement it , the pot of fools gold that comes with the implementation of sharia drives the zealotry .