MI5 recruiting intelligence officers for £41,000-a-year job to convince would-be jihadis to spy for them

MI5 is launching an ambitious campaign to recruit intelligence officers to convince the thousands of Jihadi extremists it is monitoring to spy for them.

A staggering 700 Britons are thought to be fighting alongside ISIS extremists in Iraq and Syria while an estimated 300 have already returned to the UK.

It will be the responsibility of operational intelligence officers – known as ‘handlers’ – to convince them into providing vital information to the security services instead.

Successful candidates will receive £41,900 salary plus benefits if they pass a nine-step qualification process which starts with an online ‘pre-screening’ and ends with an eight-week ‘foundation agent-handling course’.

Good luck with that.

  • winniec

    Cheaper to put a GPS collar or bracelet on them and watch them electronically. Removing the collar would incur a lengthy jail sentence. Everyone would recognize the person as a jihadist. Society would be watching and reporting on them as well.
    Most of the Muslim males with the clipped jihad mustache are strong jihad supporters.

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    • DD_Austin

      a bullet costs a nickel

  • Alain

    Now what could possibly go wrong with this plan? Just asking….

  • Raymond Cameron

    It is as sensible as hiring mafiosi to combat crime. After all these guys know something about it.