Jihadis’ gay honeytrap: ISIS militants trick men into dates so they can be ‘arrested and thrown from rooftops’

Sick ISIS fanatics are setting up dates with gay men so they can lure them to their deaths, sources inside the territory controlled by the extremists have said.
The Hisbah religious police have set up a special brigade of young fighters who are tricking gay men into dates so the Islamist regime can ‘prove’ they are homosexual.
The men are then murdered for their so-called ‘crime’, often by being thrown off a roof.

  • Clink9

    Everyone needs a hobby.

  • WalterBannon

    Oh well. If gays did not like this result they would be protesting against it, instead of enabling its importation into the west. If they don’t care, then why should I?

    • Good point

    • Alain

      But you just do not understand that the ones in the West are far too busy hunting for Christian barkeries, printers and other establisments to have time to worry about the ones in Islamic countries.

      • WalterBannon

        Oh I understand that. It is at the heart of my point.

  • mobuyus

    Wow look at all the gay people lined up on the roof in the picture.

  • Gary

    Since GLAAD and the Rainbow groups don ‘t seem to give a damn about ISIS doing this, lets see if I get a Human Rights complaint for this one.

    Woops there goes another flaming queer ….woops there goes another flaming queer from the roof.

    A while back , I posted a photo of the gays in iran being hanged in public while a crowd cheered and kids were there too .
    Someone got really upset and told be to not post such disgusting and macabre photos that were offensive to them. Hmmmmmm, they didn’t show one iota of compassion for the gays hanging from the noose until they died which made me believe that liberalism is a mental disorder to condemn the photo and tell me to not show like some censor-Nazi but doesn’t care about the gay victims in the photo.
    Reminds me of Susan G Cole when she uses her selective outrage attack people that provoke muslims to riot and kill as a favour to allah because islam was insulted and they should have known better, but she also condemns homophobia yet is quiet about iran murdering 4000+ gays that provoke muslims by offended and insulting islam and allah for being gay in public just like in Gaza and Saudi Arabia.
    So which one is it with these Liberal progressives because even a lesbian couple will claim they denounce child-abuse and sexual predators but tkae their kids to the PRIDE parade to see naked males break the laws and expose them self at children which is a crime for heterosexuals to do it.
    Liberalism has even infected the Police that stand by and let homophobes spew hate at gays when they are a Muslim mob with hezballah flags, they stand by during PRIDE to allow the child-abuse when it was back in the 1960’s kids could run to the Police to be protected by these same perverts exposing them selves.

    It’s an upside down World now where evil is good , the truth is hate speech , pedophilia is a sexual preference that CAMH wants to normalize , record cold weather is Global warming , and the Police now protect sexual predator going naked in public.

    No much PRIDE in harming children unless you live in Toronto and have a lesbian Premier pushing the homoerotic Ben Levin sex-ed Guide book in the school to poison kids and nomalize them to sex that can get you aids .

    • Norman_In_New_York

      As the gay songwriter Cole Porter penned 80 years ago,

      “The world has gone mad today
      And good’s bad today
      And black’s white today
      And day’s night today
      When the guys today
      That women prize today
      Are just silly gigolos.
      So although I’m not a great romancer,
      I know you are bound to answer
      When I propose,
      Anything goes.”

  • DMB
  • Alain

    I wonder how many times they were “married” by their recruiters before being thrown off the roof.

    • Raymond Cameron

      I guess that under shariah “law” they must be gang raped to prove they are gay. The guy who is raped is considered gay, not the one raping him.

  • Oh, sure, ISIS is doing this to prove its virtue. Sure….

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      As long as you pronounce it virtoo you’re okay.