‘I wasn’t brainwashed into joining ISIS,’ says Aussie doctor

Australian doctor, Dr. Tareq Kamleh or Abu Yousef al-Australie, gained international attention in April after a video of him was published to social media accounts with links to ISIS where he was urging other Muslim health professionals to travel to Syria after having joined the group himself. The video showed him in a pediatric hospital in war-ravaged Raqqa in Syria.

Dr. Kamleh sent a letter to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, who are investigating whether or not to deregister the Perth-born doctor, who is still technically allowed to practice medicine in Australia.

In the letter, dated May 8, the doctor denies being recruited to the jihadist organization and says that his decision was “very well educated and calculated… it did not involve any brainwashing,”

  • Alain

    He is being completely honest and what he says applies to all the others. They are not being “radicalised”; they have decided to practise Islam as true believers. Watch the non Muslim useful idiots try to spin it otherwise.

    • Exactly so. Every Muslim who signs up for ISIS does so with full knowledge they are joining a cult that engages in atrocity, whether it is the rape and murder of children, slavery or burning people alive.

      None of them can claim ignorance of this barbarism none of them should ever be treated with any mercy.

    • Gary

      The so called moderate peaceful muslims know damn well what’s going on because their quran tells them to lie to the unbelievers that they are their friend if you are plotting against them for allahs cause to slay them and take their land for islam and the caliphate.

      Imams are the best liars because they deny any bad things about islam that are right in the quran even when you cite it tot heir face. They call other Imams the liars when the odd one tells the truth like Steve Rockwell does when he admit msulims will take over canada when they have the number to tear up our Charter and bring in Sharia law.

      the brain dead Media Party in Canada loves Omar Khadr and fell for the propaganda by his Canada hating homophobic jew-hating mother and sister that used the cute photo of him at around 10 years old.
      CTV actually aided the taliban when a reporter did a special from Afghan and she detailed how out Scout unit Soldier went on patrol and where their tires drove on the roads .
      About 6 weeks later the taliban killed a female sgt. that did exactly what CTV showed the taliban by coming out of the Coyote hatch to scan the area with binoculars which was when a sniper blew her head off …..thank you CTV . The taliban also knew where to plant IED’s so the coyote would run over it.
      CTV forgot that Toronto has a pro-sharia pro-taliban Afghanistan population pre-2001 that praised the destroying of the Bhuddist statues , but after 9/11 when their muslim brothers slaughtered 24 Canadians and were trained in Afghan they suddenly denied it and wrapped them self in the Canadian flag.

      I get the impression that a moderate is the muslm that hasn’t done jihad yet.

  • Clink9

    It would take having a brain to wash.

  • k1962

    That’s right. He wasn’t brainwashed. From the sounds of it, he was an ass to begin with.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    All the more reason to revoke his medical license.

  • WalterBannon

    euthanize him

  • Gary

    Hmmm, so we now see that the Chapel Hill muslim that was a Dentist and said he wanted to go to the Middle easy to help Orphans is just another cover story like Daddy dearest in the Khadr family that Chretien bailed out of jail only to see Khadr die in a Jihad gun fight with his son that got injured and Paul Martin welcomed the Khadrs back for FREE heath care and welfare.

    Just watch how Omar’s lawyer will pump hatred into him for Harper and canada to the point he goes back to terrorism for allah , Omar will want to be a Doctor that volunteers in the Middle east top work with Muslim orphans with aid and cancer .
    The CBC and CUPE along with Liberal progressive love Omar becasue they can use him the bash Harper and buy the votes of the useful idiots in canada and the welfare crowds that want more FREE stuff and better housing.

  • His brain was already dirty with Islamic programming – it did not need any ‘washing’. Muslims are Muslims and therefore potential terror group joiners.

  • Gaian

    No brainwashing needed. He already displays a very low moral standard.