Erdogan on the campaign trail in Germany: Turks in Germany are “part of the power of Ankara”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan waves as he addresses the audience during his visit in Karlsruhe, southwestern Germany, on May 10, 2015. Germany counts three million people of Turkish origin, the largest Turkish overseas expatriate community. AFP PHOTO / DANIEL ROLAND

(From the Daily Hürriyet piece which emphasizes how he encouraged people to vote in Turkish election on June 7)

Not sure what the red blobs are: rose petals?

[Note: Edited machine translation from a piece at the German anti-jihad site Politically Incorrect]

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes German Turks play an important role in his country’s foreign policy.

He sees Turks living abroad as “our power outside the country.” Erdogan was speaking before thousands of supporters in Karlsruhe, Germany on Sunday.

The Turks in Germany are “the voice of the nation,” he said.

At his request, the crowd chanted the formula “one nation, one flag, one motherland, one state”.

The speech, transmitted live from Turkish television, appeared to be part of an election campaign for the parliamentary election on June 7.

Erdogan said the establishment of the “new Turkey” will start in Germany, as Turks living there can vote in the coming election.

Erdogan once again called on the Turks in Germany not to forget the Turkish language or their faith.

[Excerpt from an article in the Austrian “Die Presse“.  The rest is by the writers at Politically Incorrect.]

Before the rally there were clashes between supporters and opponents of Erdogan, in which several people were injured, reported the FAZ [Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung].

Erdogan’s statement that in Germany living Turks (most with [only] German citizenship with some having dual citizenship)  are a part of the power of Ankara, is particularly interesting if you remember his earlier  statements.

In the autumn of 2012, at an AKP Party Congress, he spoke of  “carrying Islam victorious to Europe”.

Erdogan’s supporters in Germany must currently be satisfied  with being active in all the main German parties, promoting Turkish nationalism, even if they have not “carried Islam victorious to Europe.” Yet.

[This a short video: in the second half you can see the crowds cheering and waving Turkish flags]