Coalition of the pure: How Ontario’s sex ed protests hit critical mass

There was no single group that spearheaded this week’s critical mass of sex ed protests that kept thousands of students out of school. It was concerned parents – from disparate backgrounds, with different personal and cultural values – who formed a surprising united front.

Personally I think it was the picture of the twisted Wynne and her equally twisted friends that won the day, not to mention her Pedophile adviser Ben Levin.

Note the condescending Globe headline,  it fits in with the politically correct failure to mention that Muslims are among the curriculum’s strongest opponents.

That aside rest assured that Wynne will cave on this, not for everyone, but for the Muslims. Schools like Valley Park will never see the new curriculum.

  • sanwin

    Apart from the fact that Thorncliffe Park is her riding. She stands ZERO chance of getting re-elected from there ever again.

    • That’s why Sharia law was allowed at Valley Park, but the MSM won’t ever mention that.

      • Cheryl

        If every school has to have the sex education then Valley Park is no exception. What the “F” is the matter with this province and this country? I am 65 years old and cannot believe what has happened to this once beautiful country. We need Sir John A McDonald back or someone like him to turn this country around. Shame on the government of Canada for letting this country become like a third world country that has no respect for the settlers that came and built it and gave their lives for it. You have to wonder are they turning over in their graves?

  • Glenfilthie

    That woman is a chit stain on Canadian politics. And a good reason to homeschool your kids.

  • WalterBannon

    is the ugliest one wynne?