Brown’s decisive win only the start of Ontario PC makeover

TORONTO – Well, that was easy.

Patrick Brown swept to a decisive win in the PC Party leadership Saturday, easily defeating Christine Elliott to take the top job.

Now the tough slog begins.

He’ll have to unite a party that’s bitterly divided after a long, fractious campaign. The issue that gained most traction was the sex-ed curriculum.

The next pressing issue will be to find a seat — although that could be resolved with the fall federal election. There’s always the likelihood that a Tory MPP may run for the Harper Conservatives.

The key now is to bringing the party together. Brown’s first job should be to reach out to make peace with the MPPs who didn’t support him — and that’s the vast majority.

He was gracious in victory. He must continue that tone.


From the Star – Political conventions are all about renewal and rebirth.

But a 10-month race for the leadership of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, which culminated this weekend with the election of Patrick Brown, was less about resurrection than revelation:

The provincial Tories revealed themselves to be in far worse condition than anyone had ever fathomed.

Now, under the unknown Brown — a right-leaning, pro-life, anti-gay-marriage social conservative — the PCs may be in bigger trouble than previously imagined. Never mind the last four election losses, and the virtual disappearance of the PCs from the GTA’s electoral map.

All that was well known.

  • DMB

    Here is a tweet from the Toronto Sun’s columnist and lesbian Sue Ann Levy who called Patrick Brown a “rural troglodyte” for being a white heterosexual male from rural Ontario instead of a left wing progressive woman, gay or visible minority from the GTA.

    Congrats to PCPO Old Boys and rural Troglodytes. You've just elected surface over substance and regressive over progressive. #deathwish— Sue-Ann Levy (@SueAnnLevy) May 9, 2015

    • Ha! You can’t please everyone. Toronto is not all that progressive – have a look at the Sex Ed protests.

      That said, the Public Service Unions decide who will be Premier in Ontario so it really does not matter who is leader of what anyway, the only qualification for Premier is a willingness to give the unions all the want, Wynne has proved herself willing to do that for the Unions, and willing to lie about it as in the case of the teachers union payoff.

      • Cheryl

        The way it would end is if there was no more money to pay the Premier or cabinet members and they would all take a hike and leave the province. Now we all know that won’t happen because they will always make sure they are paid first and then they would leave right?

    • JennieRDarden

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    • WalterBannon

      Sue-Ann Levy is just another useless dike like wynne

    • Ms. Levy used to be more rational, but it looks like she has surrendered to the dyke mafia. Calling “troglodytes” the people who don’t want to offer their children to her fellow “progressive” sex perverts is a sign of utter idiocy.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    I want to see his economic platform.

  • andycanuck

    Alright! Let’s take advice from our enemies at the Red Star!