Another work of ‘art’ from the Venice Biennale: ‘High Visibility Burqa’

A woman wears a yellow burqa during the artistic performance “High Visibility Burqa” in Venice on May 6, 2015 at the entrance of the 56th International Art Exhibition (Biennale d’Arte) titled “All the World’s Futures”. AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS

A Nigerian art critic and museum director was the first African to curate the Biennale contemporary art fair that opened May 9 for its seven-month run, while female artists are representing more countries than ever in national pavilions – trends seen as an informal rebalancing in the art world…

…At the brand new Australian pavilion, the first new building in Venice in 20 years, Hall’s show is its own natural history museum – a comment on colonialism and capitalism made through galleries of driftwood taxidermy collected from New Zealand beaches, hanging grass masks with scraps of camouflage, and a collection of rare and extinct animals woven from desert grass and other materials according to Aboriginal tradition…

  • Makes em easier to track;)

    • Boleyn Boy


  • Dana Garcia

    Hmm, is she supposed to be an islam statement against gay wedding cakes? A 3-d stop sign? A pine tree with jaundice? A yellow submarine periscope?

    • ntt1

      Then again it could be the muzzies answer to dazzle camouflage used in the WW2 marine war.

  • ntt1

    Make use of the parasitic twat by utilizing her as a traffic cone

  • UCSPanther

    I would still not approve it for use in any industrial area simply because it compromises visibility and there is plenty of loose fabric to get snagged in moving machinery…

  • Wally Keeler

    Did any passersby ask her to twirl? Did anyone ask her to show a little nose? Did anyone walk up and place the stars and stripes on her shoulders? Did anyone ask her to do a squat or a twerk?

    • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

      Favourite:Did any passersby ask her to twirl?

      • Raymond Cameron

        My favorite: the twerk!

        • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

          Didn’t know twerk, but I know do. Thanks.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Are those proper orange safety reflective strips on that she-tent?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Modigliani is spinning in his grave.

  • Ron MacDonald

    She looks like a badminton cock.

  • DMB

    She could easily get a job working as a street cone diverting traffic away from construction sites.