Zionist-Controlled Media Somehow Unable To Control Israel Coverage – satire

“I would never have assumed the Jewish media overlords would permit such things to happen. But here we are,” said UN adviser Richard Falk.

arabicnewspapersNew York, May 7 – Analysts at the United Nations held a meeting today to discuss the curious phenomenon of the Zionist-controlled international media somehow being unable to prevent the media from indulging in nearly continuous criticism of Israel.

A team of experts met at the UN headquarters in New York this morning (Friday) to share information and analysis regarding an industry proven to be thoroughly under the boot of Jewish moguls. Jewish control of the media, which has been documented for more than a century – notably in he groundbreaking Russian work The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – has been spectacularly unsuccessful at the one task a Jewish-controlled global media should be expected to focus on: silencing exposure and criticism of its flagship enterprise, Zionism. In fact Israel attracts such a disproportionate amount of opprobrium in the Jewish-controlled media that an observer might conclude no such control exists at all.

In fact, say experts, in the Middle East, the one region where the Zionist-controlled global media should be most necessary and effective, there appears to be no effort at all to counter the blatantly anti-Israel, and often antisemitic, tropes that are a staple in Arabic and Farsi media…