The sex slave forced to marry TWENTY ISIS fighters

An Islamic State terrorist group forced a sex slave to marry 20 fighters and even made her undergo surgery each time to restore her virginity, a United Nations official said.

The group paraded and traded Syrian and Iraqi girls in ‘slave bazaars’ before the victims were shipped to other provinces, it was claimed.

Zainab Bangura, special envoy on sexual violence in conflict, travelled to five countries and interviewed dozens of women and young girls who had survived brutal sexual abuse.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    AP/UPI: Some speculate that Pam Geller provoked ISIS into enslaving these women, while Pam Geller herself remain unapologetic.

    • eMan14

      This would be funny if it wasn’t so close to the truth. The cowardly and pathetic bias of main stream media is beyond ridiculous.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It took me by surprise.
        I thought that with freedom of expression on one side and friggin’ ISIS on the other in an attempted replay of the Charlie Hebdro massacre that this would be a no-brainier.
        I just did not realize that our media was that far down the hole. I underestimated just how corrupt they are.
        Now they can’t even be forced to print an honest story.
        Also, rest assured that this Geller hate has been COORDINATED, just as they did in the “Journo-List” scandal of a few years ago.

    • MaryJPost

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  • mauser 98

    where is Mooch?

    • Petey

      And I’m keeping it! (Barry likes it….)

    • Man_with_Hat

      But you’re not the new caliphs’ wife…yet, so we’ll continue to mock you while we can. Should be able to mock mohammed too, evey one from the first monster to the millions being born and named that every year now.

  • liamjq

    A real problem facing Westerners dealing with the middle east is that everyone over there lies as easily as they breathe…but what goes through ther mind of someone who readily repeats the story that a girl gets hymen replacement every time shes raped…and shes being used by 20 men???….it must be a real intellectual challenge to get in journalism school!!!

    • Minicapt

      What goes through my mind is that you have not been keeping up with the story. As an example, your restatement of the ‘facts’ is not congruent with the discussion in the article, nor is it in accordance with logical conclusions from previous reports.


  • WalterBannon

    Coming soon to a city where you live.

  • How is that degrading thing going?