The British Tories Are Like American Republicans

Many people seem to think that the results of the British general election—a gain of 24 seats for the Tories, giving them a majority—herald a major win for conservatism. They don’t. They herald a major win for the Conservative Party, but just because it calls itself the Conservative Party doesn’t mean it does conservative things.

Actually, the full official name of that party is the “Conservative and Unionist Party,” and last night was not a win for unionism either. The Scottish National Party, once a marginal outfit known outside Scotland only because Sean Connery supported it, picked up 50 seats last night. They utterly destroyed Scottish Labour, which for years was guaranteed the vote of left-wing Scots. Scotland now continues on its chosen path to become a stridently nationalist, one-party socialist state—a kind of Venezuela on the North Sea.

  • I Kneel Before Jan III, The Li

    For those of you of European descent who remain ignorant of the future of your Country and/or land, including those who see but do not understand – I ask you to do a couple of things for the betterment of yourself and your family:

    Read about South Africa, the real story. What it was, and what it now is. Pay attention to what has happened to the Europeans there, and what they go through today.

    Read about the Native Americans (Siberians). Their rise, their fall and their destruction/decay. Accounts of self-sabotage and hate, betrayal of ones people, sacrifice of ones customs, and inferiority to a foreign foe.

    Read about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire – or any Empire for that matter. How it came about, how it transformed, and what the mindset was of the leadership at the time of it’s collapse.

    What I challenge you to do, reader, is to refute these points:

    The tale of the modern European in all lands from his and her homeland of Europe, to the new outposts established (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, South Africa, etc.) is a tale that encompasses all three and South Africa is the canary in the coal mine.

    First, in South Africa, the Europeans built a Nation vastly superior to any Africa had seen before. A Nation knocking on the door to 1st world status (On a continent of 3rd world nations and uncivilized peoples). The requirement for this Nation to remain was simple: Europeans had to lead it, and the native Africans had to be segregated from it.

    People challenged that assertion. Called it racist. The word genocide of was thrown around. Eventually, the South Africa that was collapsed. The Nation built by Europeans was handed over to Africans.

    Today, South Africa stands as but a ruin to what it once was. Crime there is as common as air. Ra pe is a national sport.

    And the Europeans there are victims of both more times than any other people. Indeed, South Africa has slid back into 3rd world status, and shows no signs of improving. In point of fact – there are rumblings starting about pogroms (Officially sponsored by the Government there) to target Europeans. Incidentally the only places that remain where civilization and a functional nation even shine through are areas populated by European peoples, if even in small numbers (Cape Town for example). They cannot even feed themselves without the European farmers, which have the highest rate of being mur dered in the Country.

    And this is the future of the European homelands, it’s the future of the Outposts – Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand. The skin-tone of those wishing to mur der us, ra pe us, might change (In the case of the United States, perhaps not) but the underlining action will be the same – the violent reduction of our people.

    And if you compare our situation with the Native Americans, while removing emotion from it – it’s the same story. The Indians were bitter enemies of each-other, slaughtering each-other without thought. When the foreigners arrived – this practice did not stop. This drove some Indian tribes to help the foreigners for protection, others for survival.

    Is this not the current situation we find ourselves in? We have the notable betrayers and self-saboteurs – the Marxist Leftist. We know them by their actions against us. The bleat on about ‘White Privilege’, seeking to destroy our very life, marginalize us and our children. They constantly churn a narrative of US (Non-European) against THEM (European). We have seen the dialogue change over the past 10 years. It used to be US (Black) Vs Them (White) narrative, now it’s US (Colored) Vs THEM (Whites).

    We have allowed them to infiltrate our cultures, societies and achieve power, the power to steer our cultures and societies where they want. As a result, our people have become weak. We have become cowardly. While these Men and Women who look like us, sound like us constantly attack and rip apart our societies and culture(s), we sit on our asses and do not rise to the challenge. We allow them the safety and security they need to operate as they do. We allow them the freedom they do not allow us.

    And it’s this weakness, this cowardice that has made us impotent in protecting our lands and borders from the foreign invaders. In Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. you have the Saracen and African invaders – in the United States you have the Latin, Saracen and African invaders.

    Some people will see no correlation between the Latins and the Saracen’s, nor between the non-Saracen Africans and the Saracen Africans.

    But these foreigners are all simple tools being used to further the destruction and genocide of our people. They are the main-components in the theft of our land and destruction of our heritage via population replacement. They are not us and not only that – they stand against us. We see this with the Latino’s in the United States via groups like La Raza, the rampant crimes being committed in Europe by non-Europeans, and indeed, the wholesale changing of entire city demographics via this population replacement (Coventry, London, Birmingham, Malmo, Brussels, etc.).

    I challenge all of you who disagree to walk the streets of your capital city (London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Dublin, Stockholm, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Rome, Vienna, etc.) and observe the destruction of our people yourselves.

    They may not wish to be, but they are. They are the sword the Left holds to slice our throats. They are the knife the Left plunges into our back.

    The only way to heal from these otherwise mortal wounds, is to breed like rabbits. To populate our lands with so many of our people the sea itself could not swallow us.

    As it stands today, we breed like Panda’s.

    As such they are not only a symbol of our mur der, but the instrument by which it is done.

    And thus, we arrive at the parallel of today and the collapse of the Roman Empire and every Empire before and after.

    Every Empire, Nation, or Country was founded in a cycle. This cycle goes like this:

    Conservative men and women band together, fight for their people, build borders and create Nations, Lands, Empires. Conservative mores, thoughts and philosophies dictate these new Nations as they expand, grow and become successful. After years (decades and decades and centuries) of this period, the ‘Progressive’ (Marxist, Communist, Leftist) mindset starts appearing. Before long, those of this mindset ahicive power. The inevitable result is the collapse and destruction of said Nation/Empire and taking of the land by others (From Within or Without) with the Conservative mindset.

    Or in the words of Alexander Fraser Tytler:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a loss of fiscal responsibility, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world’s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith,
    From spiritual faith to great courage,
    From courage to liberty,
    From liberty to abundance
    From abundance to selfishness,
    From selfishness to complacency,
    From complacency to apathy,
    From apathy to dependency,
    From dependency back again to bondage.

    Spiritual Faith, Great Courage, Liberty, Abundance are Conservative mores and results.
    Selfishness, Complacency, Apathy, Dependency, Bondage are Progressive/Marxist/Communist/Leftist mores and results.

    Western Civilization is at the stage of Apathy. We’ve been stuck with Progressive/Marxist leadership for the last 40+ years.

    The end result of this, when Western Civilization finds itself once again under bondage, will be the complete eradication of the European peoples.

    We are not speaking of just a Civilization collapse – we are speaking of the genocide of the natural peoples of that civilization (European) that will begin during and continue after said collapse.

    This is not a ‘hit the reset button and start over’. There won’t be any of our people left to start over.

    If you want visuals of what our lands will look like even 60 years from today – watch the movie Children of Men.

    • Kaye

      It is simply the “law” of evolution at work – those high-birthrate people in South Africa, Europe and elsewhere are superior genetically to those of poor breeding stock (whites, Europeans). Therefore the genetically superior race will triumph – by violence and by out-breeding the other groups. The human race as a whole will be enriched as the superior and fertile people take over the world. And of course, eventually another and superior group will come along and replace them.
      This is as it should be; this is how nature and evolution works. If Europeans and whites cannot manage to pass on their genes, this in itself proves those genes inferior, and that they should be tossed in the trash heap of evolution. It’s all good.

      • FactsWillOut

        Those high-birthrate folk all have lower IQ’s.
        It’s devolution, not evolution.

        • Kaye

          It doesn’t matter what their IQs are – the name of the game is survival. If people with high IQs are not reproducing and are being replaced by others with low IQs (or 2 heads for that matter) the more intelligent group is the loser. The people who pass their genes on win the evolutionary lottery – and inherit the earth.

          • FactsWillOut

            It seems you don’t really understand the long-term effect of evolution towards better and faster data processing and resource allocation methods.
            That’s why the white man invented the nuke, to clean up those sorry excuses for humanity.

          • Kaye

            And you really don’t seem to understand the long-term effect of demographics. At present immigration and birthrates it is projected that whites will be a minority by 2050 in places like the UK. This is based on simple, plausible demographic modelling. Even now in parts of cities like London, Birmingham, etc., the breeders are already a majority and the weak white race is disappearing. Their weak, flawed and failed genes are being purged and the human gene pool substantially improved thereby.
            As for your mention of the nuclear issue – just fluff (or more accurately, bluff). Pakistan has nukes. Iran soon will have nukes. These countries, unlike the neutered West, *will* use their weapons when appropriate. Western countries might as well not have them since they will never use them again. Actually, a purpose is served by Western nations having those weapons and technologies that they never will have the balls to use: they will sell them/give them to their “allies” in Syria, Iran, etc., thereby absolving those countries from having to do the research themselves.
            Not only is the West dying because of immigration and low birthrate, it is speeding things along by helping countries and peoples that hate it develop weapons and technologies that they would never have produced on their own.

          • FactsWillOut

            One word:

          • FactsWillOut

            Also, this:


            We’re tougher than anyone who’s smarter, and smarter than anyone who’s tougher.

    • canminuteman

      Britain has passed the tipping point. No change of government will save it now. The only thing that could save it fo the future is a war that kills half the population and allow them to tart again from scratch. I don’t see that happening. I see them going the way of South Africa.

    • WalterBannon

      We are also watching the beginning of the extinction of human kind.

  • Brett_McS

    If you look at the percentage votes the Con’s hardly increased, and Labour’s actually increased more – both at the expense of the hapless LibDems. The real success in terms of increased percentage of the vote were UKIP. If they’re smart they can build on that success by winning at the local level and then coming back stronger at the national level in future elections.

  • tom_billesley

    The real winner was “not Labour”.

    • no4

      Exactly, or perhaps “not Milliband”.
      The media are asking “How did they get the polls so wrong?”
      I think the polls were accurate, then people realised we were going to have a Lib Dem – Labour-SNP coalition, and reacted.
      There was a form a coalition game on the BBC news website. I played it 100 times and every time it looked like SNP and Labour close to being in power.
      Good to see the knives are out for Milli now, it might actually return the Labour Party to it’s working class roots, rather than a party for these posh little dreamers who have never done a days work in their lives.

      • Kaye

        Most opinion polling (unlike say, the Labor Force Survey which always begins with a first-person interview) are phone surveys. This worked well when everyone had landlines but now that most use cell-phone only, there is a problem since many of these numbers are not available to pollsters, a priori. Hence the frame being used is poor. This is a problem with most surveys these days and until it is resolved, results of opinion polls will continue to be consistently poor.
        It is also considered that those people who are successfully contacted by phone, but who are speaking on their cell, provide poorer quality data than they would have provided had they been contacted on a landline phone (people tend to do things simultaneously while talking on a cell – walk, cook, clean, etc) so their attention is limited and they are more prone to providing inaccurate information.

  • FactsWillOut

    Actually, Scotland wants to be an EU client state. The EU, however, despises client states military spending, while Russia is weaponizing Low Earth Orbit.
    At least there are some white folk left on the planet who understand the need for a powerful military.

  • Reader
  • simus1

    The British Conservatives at least try to keep some constant low level of entertaining degeneracy afoot to amuse the masses. The GOP and its vices cannot shine forth as hipness when most of them are little more than competing errand boys catching crumbs for the second string rent seekers that Emperor Barry won’t have within his circle of charm.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I learned today that the term “Tory” comes from the Irish moniker for “Criminal”

    • Minicapt

      Most such nicknames did not originate as terms of affection. Except for the Grits, who apparently arranged the nickname.