Texas: Muslims Refuse to Condemn Islamic Blasphemy Law

…Islamic blasphemy law is Ground Zero in the clash between Islam and the West. It is also the mechanism of Islam’s totalitarian command over its folllowers.

Islamic blasphemy law is also wholly and utterly at odds — no, at war — with Western standards, Western norms, regarding life on earth as an individual with God-given rights and protected liberties. Such rights and liberties include, of course, the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience. This is where we in the West are “coming from” — the sharia-enforcing media excepted — endowed by our Creator with rights and liberties outside the control of religious and state authority.

Islam, a collectivist combine of religious, state and legal authority, neither recognizes nor permits any such rights and liberties for its followers — or, as it is able to project its power, on anyone else. Instead, Islam commands allegiance to its prophet and god on pain of death…

  • winniec

    Muslims leaders have decided to lie low on the cartoon issue, because they would suffer a HUGE EXPOSURE in Western countries that are already alarmed about ISIS. The credibility of Islam is plummeting in the West even among cultural Marxists who now see there is something seriously antagonistic within Islam. They have not found the courage yet to fight Islam, but they will soon realize that they have to. It will only take a few more beheadings of journalists and even the Leftarded American media will realize their lives are all in danger.
    Muslim leaders have backed off their offensive, realizing they will lose the support of the Marxist media unless they do.