Stupid article at Counterpunch: Islamophobia: Israel’s Blessing; Israel’s Curse

Islamophobia and anti-Semitism have a great deal in common.

Except that one targets Jews and the other Muslims, the two seem almost the same, even allowing for differences in the affected populations. To produce an Islamophobic diatribe, take a typical anti-Semitic rant, substitute “Muslim” for “Jew,” and voilà.

Both Islamophobia and anti-Semitism call on deeply entrenched cultural stereotypes, and both have roots in Christianity’s longstanding, theologically driven, animosity-ridden opposition to rival “Abrahamic” faiths.

But neither Islamophobia nor anti-Semitism is about religion per se; they are forms of racism.

As such, they are modern phenomena.

And they are both creatures of Western civilization.

Yet, despite their similarities, the two follow very different trajectories.

For one, they emerged at different historical moments. Anti-Semitism is nearly two centuries old; the Islamophobia that is rampant in the West today hardly existed a decade or two before the turn of the present century.

For another, Islamophobia is currently on the rise; anti-Semitism is in decline; indeed, it is barely hanging on…

This is wrong at various points. Here are a few statements that Wiki lists as typically anti-Semitic:

  • Powerful Jews control the business world: Powerful Muslims control the business world: never heard
  • All Jews are wealthy: All Muslims are wealthy: never heard
  • Jews use their power to benefit “their own kind”: Muslims use their power to benefit “their own kind”: not often heard, but it would apply to any tribal/clan group

While I acknowledge the long history of anti-Semitism in the West, it existed in the Muslim world from the beginning.

The Koran relates how Mohammed fought with an uppity Jewish tribe at Khaybar. References to Khaybar are still rallying cries in the Muslim world:

Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahud, jaish Muhammad sayud (Khaybar, Khaybar Oh, Jew. Muhammad’s army will return).  

And that is the fault of the West?  It took place in seventh century Medina.

Nor is anti-Semitism declining. It might be declining amongst ethnic Europeans and their descendants but that is being made up in spades by floods of Muslim immigrants. Some recent headlines:

French Jews fleeing anti-Semitism turn to Quebec

Jewish migration to Israel up 40% this year so far

Antisemitic attacks in UK at highest level ever recorded

Germany see a 25% increase in anti-Semitic crime in 2014

The writer might even be Jewish: his surname is ‘Levine.’

  • Jay Currie

    So far as I know the Jews never invaded Western or Eastern Europe. Nor did they invade the Holy Land or the surrounding Middle East. Nor, if memory serves, did they invade the Byzantine Empire.

    There are good reasons to be Islamophobic, anti-Semitic? Not so much.

    • Frau Katze

      Exactly. The writer is an idiot.

      • Zaba

        You were kind….

        • Justin St.Denis

          Merciful is a more appropriate word. 😉

      • WalterBannon

        The writer is an anti-Semite and a crypto-facsist

    • Justin St.Denis

      Jay, there you go letting historical facts blind you to the beauty of the progressive narrative. Stop it, silly goose, and get with the program. Swallow the SOMA. It tastes yummy like social justice!

      SARC function DISABLED.

    • Clausewitz

      Simple answers to complex questions is the purview of Simpletons.

  • Alain

    With all this terrible “islamophobia” going on in the West, Muslims should be fleeing these countries in large numbers, but it isn’t happening. In fact more are trying to enter these same “horrible” countries and no Western government has had the good sense to close the flood gates. Islamophobia is as real as homophobia and a lot of other made-up neo-marxist inventions.

    • Zaba

      Yeah, I can’t figure it out either…….

    • Frau Katze

      Very strange, isn’t it?

    • Good point. The direction of migration is proof enough.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    A business client visited his family in Israel during Passover and he heard much French being spoken there.

    • Frau Katze

      I’m not surprised.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    After reading the top part it is understandable why Muslims come to the West. Their homelands are poor and they are forced to come to the West. Their governments oppress them. It is understandable why things are the way they are. If people don’t want trouble like in the West, then perhaps people here should demand that governments in the West do something to actually ensure these societies are more equal meaning introduce measures to allow wealth to flow from the top to the rest of the people. I mean there are many measures which could fix the world without advocating war and causing rifts. People seemed back in the past meaning after 9/11 for some mass exodus back to the M.E. for Muslims with all the backlash after 9/11. It never happened. In some aspect, I agree with some on here that the West will look quite different in a decade or two. The question is how do we proceed forward? I agree very much with national identity since I am a nationalist. That is something most people on here miss. With war comes instability and ruining the infrastructure of these nations. In Syria, we are expected to take on many refugees as are other nations.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      I am actually for near-zero immigration and ending the TFW program and any program to lower wages for Canadians.

      • Frau Katze

        That’s also what this site believes.

        However, it’s more complicated…. Not all immigrants are the same. Muslims (on the whole, with lots of individual exceptions) seem quite problematic and this site doesn’t want to see any more of them…. At least, not until we successfully absorb those already here.

        That’s not happening. They’re self-segregating so they can live their special Muslim way of life. Again, there are lots of exceptions but we can’t tell ahead of time who will assimilate and who won’t. So cut them all off.

        Their countries suck? Tough.

        There are other immigrant problems that aren’t so potentially disastrous, for example, wealthy foreigners have driven up the price of housing to insane levels in some cities, like Vancouver.

        They’re mostly Chinese in Vancouver and IMHO they make good immigrants. But there’s such a thing as too many, too fast.

        I have nieces and nephews who live in the Vancouver area. They’ll never own a house.

        Mass immigration did this.

    • @BBT – sorry to say your analysis is superficial, as usual. The population of a country like Syria is not a victim of its rulers, who are also Syrian. The people are the CAUSE of the rulers they get, whether through their cowardice, their ignorance, their corruption, their values, their cultural habits, or whatever other defects they have (a combination of all these). The rulers are their earned KARMA – the natural consequence of their mental and spiritual deficiencies, their self-imposed nemesis.

      To import such people into another country simply means to bring these deficiencies into the new location. They won’t change, because they are centuries behind in their outlook. They will however change the host countries, lowering standards and gradually turning them into new Syrias. The West has no obligation to receive these people, nor any obligation to help them where they are. If the West needs to do anything about them, it needs to educate them away from Islam, which is the root cause of their problems. Think before you speak.

  • Anti-Semitism is not only “nearly two centuries old” as the writer claims – he has not read history. Already in the Tanakh we have the anti-Semitism of Pharaoh and his Egyptians, and other examples, e.g. in the book of Esther the anti-Semitism of Haman. More recently, we have the (mainly Greek) anti-jewish riots in Alexandria at the time of Philo the Jew. If you read Josephus’s The Jewish Wars you will see the acute anti-Semitism of the Roman troops involved and their allies, even though Josephus as a Roman propagandist (a turncoat Jew trying to gain favor with the Roman emperors) does his best to make them seem nice.

    Then again, as others here mention, there is the anti-Jewish rant in the Koran and related documents – which tell us how the Prophet Mohammad (I’d call him the Mass Murderer, Rapist, Adulterer, Pedophile, Highway Robber Mohammad) personally killed 600 Jews one at a time with his sword. Islamophobia is also not recent. You can be sure that the Jews and Christians of Arabia and later of the whole Middle East and then Europe were Islamophobes, considering how the murderous Muslim armies were behaving. Islamophobia has just been revived, due to a revival of Islamic jihadist expansionism. In other words, the above article is bunk.

  • canminuteman

    I assume that article was written by one of my moral and intellectual superiors.

  • Petey

    It’s not Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you.