School fined for forcing Muslim student to ‘taste’ pork

According to the daily Politiken, the 24-year-old student studied at the Holstebro Culinary School and was told that she too like other students would have to taste her own food that she cooks as part of her education.

The student, who was not named by the paper, filed a complaint against the school with the Equal Treatment Board and said she was being discriminated on religious grounds. She also reportedly stopped going to the school as a result of the requirement to eat pork, which Muslims believe is prohibited to eat in Islam.

  • Raymond Cameron

    When all the students in a school are forced to eat halal food and someone complains he is demonized as an islamophobe…

  • DaninVan

    I’ve got mixed feelings on this.
    Does this mean that there’s no room in the culinary world for professionally trained chefs of vegetarian conviction? Or kosher?
    Where does a chef go for training in kosher or vegan/vegetarian restaurant cooking? Maybe that’s why there’s a distinct lack of fine dining vis-a-vis the above?
    (We’re not talking about Montreal smoked meat sandwiches here…)

    There’s a lot of folks other than Buddhists who would prefer not to eat red meat at the very least.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I don’t have mixed feelings on this.
      I have very hard and concrete feelings on this.
      You go to work in a profession that demands that you do things that are distasteful to you then you do those things or get the fuck out.

  • TJ

    Guess they would not let a woman into the Halal Culinary School as woman are not allowed under Sharia to learn to cook.

  • Barrington Minge

    The worlds answer to islam….PORK!!!!