Patrick Brown Wins Ontario PC Leadership

Well that’s nice.

  • I saw this:

    One would have thought that Elliott was favoured to win.

    • She had been, and certainly seemed the medias fave.

      It may be a sign of hope for the party as she really was a John Tory.

      • Clink9

        I voted for her and Jim Flaherty every election, and drive by her place every day but she represents the old establishment and had to go.

        • Justin St.Denis

          She is a very nice person, but unfortunately she is a CINO, not a Conservative.

      • He said he would vote against the sex ed program.

        One hopes…

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I wanted Elliot to win since I believe that she had the best opportunity to defeat Wynne. Of course I have never voted Conservative in my life. Red Toryism I think is the best type of conservatism since it appeals to most Canadians and would help them more than populist conservatism. Just my opinion and I feel it is vital since I remember hearing John Tory back during the ’07 election. He appealed somewhat but the NDP to me had a better platform. Tory was given much of his success and never had a real career, meaning a job in the private sector. The Liberals have been terrible since ’03. I have only ever voted Green, NDP and minor party.

    Now the Tories will lose badly with Brown.

    • Clink9

      “Never voted Conservative”. There’s your major malfunction.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Don’t waste yourself on BillyBob. BillyBob is a waste of carbon. Been there, done that. Not even a slight “frisson” in victory since he is a certified card-carrying fool.

    • andycanuck

      So the Tories only having run Red Tories (including federally until the P.C.s’ death) since Harris (and in the pre-Harris days) never got you voting Tory and you still wouldn’t vote for the Red Tory despite her woman parts and somehow we’re supposed to accommodate you even though you will never vote Tory, not even Red Tory. Thanks for your sincere advice just like that the NYT genuinely offers the Republicans during primary season. I’m really touched… must… fight back… tears…

      • Clink9

        Only having Justin Turdeau as PM will ever please William Robert.

        The hair, the DNA , the muscles, so dreamy. Oh ya, the deep resume.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          Except I don’t support Trudeau or Mulcair or Harper because they care more about party rather than country.

          I am deeply involved in the minor party movement at the provincial level and the federal level.

          Nothing wrong with that.

          Why be part of the major party movement? They offer nothing of substance.

          • Clink9

            Because the major party movement is filled with chicks!

            Use it or lose it William.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            But ya Clink9 I have spoken to the NOTA party, the Pauper’s party of Ontario, the Libertarians, Freedom and Greens so my choices outside the mainstream are not just the Greens but other parties you know to change Ontario for the better.

          • Clink9

            Step away from the geeky parties that will never gain power and find yourself a nice girl. Or a bad girl.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            I’d definitely prefer a nice girl and an Italian one at that since well I am Italian.

          • Justin St.Denis

            That explains so much!

          • Clink9
      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Red Tory to me means being fiscally conservative and socially progressive and quite frankly Hudak wasn’t progressive at all. He never proposed massive social housing spending. He never proposed child care spending. Even health care spending was just front line. That means bare bones minimums. All three leaders since Harris were just watered down versions of Harris.

        Red Toryism I base as what the Tories used to be like from what I have read from their history. You know the Davis years.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          The fact is the debt has been rising for every party since the 70’s when Canada used to use the Bank of Canada for creating money. Debt to me is just a trump card which no party really cares about but uses to be career politicians. Which I figured out at a young age back in the early 2000’s. It is shame that many refuse to know that politicians of the mainstream just don’t care at all about future generations.

          • mauser 98

            Diefenbaker started debt spending,, Trudeau exploded it

        • Clink9

          Have you even been inside a “massive social housing” project?

          I could give you a tour of Toronto buildings that would make you puke.

          Generations of slackers living in filth and pissed filled stairways and elevators.

          And WE get to pay for it. Or rather it’s extorted off our pay checks.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Well the real thing that must be done in affordable housing.

            And yes banks profit off of home ownership.

            I would like to see more affordable homes and allow real competition to drive down home prices.

            Otherwise, it is just a profit-making business.

            Wouldn’t you agree?!

            The market doesn’t work involving real estate. I care very much about a strong middle class that can make it and easily move up the economic ladder.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Also getting out of that cycle of poverty is what also should be tackled.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Beware the CBC website. If it took longer than usual for you to leave the CBC site today, I suspect you have been “tagged” by the MotherCorp. Something IT-weird is happening at the CBC site today. A friend suggests they are “data-mining” today.

  • Edubeat

    He looks like Gideon’s biblebelt salesman going door to door in suburbia selling eternal salvation.. Oops sorry the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Morons have already captured that market. meh ha ha!

  • Clausewitz