Oxford University sends rugby players to anti-sexism classes re-education camps

Students at Oxford University are only being allowed to compete in the biggest rugby tournaments of the season if they agree to attend anti-misogyny workshops re-education camps, under a new scheme.

The attempt to combat sexism on campus is the first time that the classes camps have been made a condition to participation on the sports field.

Campaigners said they hope to introduce similar conditions for involvements in other sports, such as football, rowing, hockey and cricket, and organisers are in talks with other universities about introducing the scheme nationally.

Every Oxford college rugby team had to sign up the hour-long workshops in order to enter this year’s Cupper knockout tournament.

The “good lad” courses are an attempt to combat the “lad culture” prevalent on campus, and include discussions about sexual harassment, consent, “lad banter” and team initiation ceremonies.

The idea came from Dave Llewellyn, 27, an Oxford graduate and sportsman who said he got fed up with the levels of boorishness in the locker room…