Omar Khadr speaks, but reporters’ questions were more revealing

Ezra Levant of notes that it was a day Al-Qaeda has been looking forward to for years: the release of admitted terrorist Omar Khadr to a cheering Canadian media and his progressive cheerleaders.

  • ontario john

    I think we should have a national Omar Khadr Day. We can celebrate every year Canada’s greatest war hero. The non stop coverage in the media every day is sickening. Today we celebrate VE Day, and I enjoyed the celebrations in Holland on tv this morning. However if you look at the Toronto Star this morning you would think the VE Day celebrations are not happening. They do have a large story on how there is no terrorism threat to Canada. Its just that evil Harper and his Harperites scaring every body. And of course lots of stories on our new hero Khadr.

  • Reader

    And now for today’s musical interlude, you probably have never heard before…

  • John

    Khadr’s progressive allies are stepping into a trap. Khadr is an inveterate psychopath bound to misbehave in some very deadly ways in the future. His penchant for violence is so ingrained, the reflex to do harm so uncontrollable, that like a dog, everytime he comes upon a fire hydrant he can’t resist the urge to lift his leg and piss.
    Some idiot in Montréal wants to pay Khadr a free meal at Joe Beef Tavern. I’d love to see the look on Khadr’s islamist mug when he discovers that terverns serve not only alcohol, but also pork.
    He might just spring up, pull a gun and scream : “I KILLYOU! I KILL YOU!”

    • Observer

      I think that every socialist/marxist should try to prove the rest of us are racists by taking a “former” jihadist into their homes.

      Let’s see how long it and they last!

      • John

        Yeah jihadists and Somali ‘refugees’. They’re going to get burned by Khadr and it’ll be a pleasure to watch.

      • andycanuck

        A want a law passed making it compulsory for judges awarding early release too. Primary residence; shared front door.

  • ismiselemeas

    I wonder, is it related to the psychopathic hatred of America that is expressed in this country? Khadr, a Canadian (hear me out please), killed a US serviceman. PM Harper, (who is ‘unCanadian’), sucks up to the conservative US. One challenges the evil US empire and the other is a sycophant. They have been engaged in a battle for hearts and minds throughout the life of the current government. The bail decision is based on a snub of PM Harper rather than the rule of law. Khadr is an unwitting pawn of the left but what the left doesn’t understand is that Khadr is playing them as well. He will end up eating their entrails for breakfast. By the way, I hope the lawyer’s wife enjoys brushing her teeth in the bathroom sink after he’s cleaned his feet in it five times a day.

    • The left have a neurotic hatred of America, to them Omar is a hero for having killed an American soldier. That and all the lefty men want to give Omar a Blow Job, that includes the “married” ones.

      • ismiselemeas

        That’s it in a nutshell. Incapable of understanding the ultimate sacrifice they have nominated Khadr as the cause celebre in its place. It really is an odd notion. I simply can’t understand why they are incapable of seeing it for what it is. It truly is hysteria on a national level.

      • BillyHW

        That includes Michael Coren, too.

    • LoisMOhara

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  • occupant 9

    Omar’s answer is great: “I’m not a jihadist … right now.”

    The Kadr family reunification will probably be televised by CBJihad hosted by Mansbridge with interviews and glowing “what are they doing now” features. Kadr is a big fish in the scheme of things and international Islam knows this.

    Edny’s comments show that Kadr’s environment is still awash in freedom-hate and that POV has never ceased; maybe this is the reason why Edny took up the case. So, from Kadr’s upbringing, to Guantaunamo, to Edny’s home, the worldview is consistent.

    Ezra’s correct in that to blame Harper is unhinged. It is consistent with how Muslims excuse their past atrocities by saying it was because of what you did today.

  • Waffle

    I have to congratulate Ezra for doing a masterful job in parsing the “press conference” that wasn’t. I feel sorry for these people who think they are journalists and maintaining one of the pillars of a democratic society. Kids, I really hate to disillusion you, but you are not journalists. You are propagandists. In a way, it really isn’t your fault — you have been failed by your teachers, your professors and your politicians.

    For me, what comes across loud and clear is how many ‘sophisticates’ have created a new trend by taking dangerous people (I’m being generous here by using the term “people) into their homes as pets, much the same as someone would go to an animal shelter and rescue a homeless, probably abused, dog or cat. Now in this case, that pompous POS Edney has sprung a jihadi from prison. Who the hell is paying his fee anyway? Adopt-a-jihadi does not come cheap.

    In a way, jihadi-as-pet is not surprising. The fact that psychiatric cases who kill (Vince Lee who removed Tim McLean’s head from his body on a Winnipeg-bound bus comes to mind for starters) are released, unsupervised into the community,. This happens on almost a daily basis and nobody blinks an eye. We are assured by the all-knowing shrinks that the patient, who, BTW, is “not guilty because of mental defect” — I think the proper term is NCR (not criminally responsible)will be fine (as long as he or she takes his meds). But who’s reading the fine print?

    But back to Omar who will have to abide by certain restrictions and conditions, much the same as we try to keep our libidinous cats indoors during mating season. Like a dog or cat collar, Omar will have to wear a GPS tracking bracelet which, I guess, is far more practical than an ear tattoo.

    But, where I really lost it was yesterday, when Patricia Edney told reporters that she had made lamb, especially for Omar’s homecoming. No word on whether it was halal. Me? I horked up three furballs.