French riot police use tear gas to suppress 300 migrants as they try to storm lorries bound for the UK at Calais

Riot police used tear gas grenades on Wednesday to control a horde of 300 migrants attempting to stow away on UK bound lorries as they approached the port of Calais on a motorway.
An extra forty hardline CRS troopers were also deployed at the Channel port last night as hundreds more migrants from Africa joined more than 2,000 at a giant camp dubbed ‘the open air Sangatte’.

Police Union spokesman for the Calais region Johann Cavallero said: ‘We are being overrun by waves of migrants numbering between two and three hundred at times’.

Between 50 and 150 migrants, mostly from east Africa, are arriving daily at Calais within sight of Dover after crossing the Sahara and the Mediterranean and transiting via Italy.