A Road Test for Multiculturalism

If you ever need to be reminded how superior the West is, just hop in a taxi. The drivers come from anywhere-but-here and pretty much all of them are ambassadors of suck. The days of the charming, loudmouth cabbie with the cigar stub and rude jokes have been replaced with rude jerks from Pakistan, Russia, Central America, and Africa. When they’re not driving like there’s a zombie apocalypse, they’re stinking up the cab, chatting on the phone, antagonizing customers, whining, and leaving bags of urine on the street. It’s not racist to be a Western chauvinist. I hate them all equally, especially the Russians. They are humorless ingrates who complain all the time like they didn’t just win the immigration lottery.

  • mizfolia

    🙂 Actually, I like the Russian people. But in Russia. I think lots of Russian people in Russia are probably a lot like us. Northern people. And they’re tough. Unfortunately they have the history of Stalin, and after Stalin was shown to be a creep and a jerk, and worse, they had nothing much to look up to, they were shocked and appalled. Until Putin. Suddenly with Putin they could be proud once again of the Mother Country.
    But it’s all false. Still I can’t blame the Russians in general, they are once again cut off. They are still not free.
    In any case, I’m supporting the Ukraine. Can’t say much more, I’m too pooped and dogs have to go out before bedtime. Thank you Blazing Cat Fur.

  • eMan14

    I like Russian people too. Mostly. Where else can you get awesome car cam video’s?
    Cabbies in general I hate. Especially in Brampton. They either drive like 80 year old grannies, or Mad Max wannabe’s.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    This is an awesome column.

  • FactsWillOut

    Takimag, the “New Yorker” of conservative websites. No wonder those smug intellectuals would despise the only white immigrants on the list.