A dead dog on school railings, a headteacher receiving death threats and the return of the classroom Islamic zealots

The scene which greeted staff arriving at Anderton Park School in Birmingham before morning assembly was chilling.

A dead dog had been left outside — not just left but, with medieval brutality, strung up on the railings at the entrance and displayed like something you might see in a horror film.

We now know it was not simply a random act of sadistic animal cruelty; Anderton, whose catchment area covers Sparkhill, a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood, was chosen deliberately.

The school had received an anonymous call the previous day warning headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson about what was going to happen.
The motive?

It was spelt out in a death threat sent to her on social media at around the same time, in which someone had written: ‘Any headteacher who teaches my children it’s alright to be gay will be at the end of my shotgun.’

  • Millie_Woods

    I feel sorry for the dog.

  • John

    These incidents are symptomatic of a culture based on a perversion of Islam — alien to the vast majority of decent, law-abiding Muslims — which has been allowed to take root like a cancer, not just in Birmingham but in many other parts of inner-city Britain as well.
    That passage practically negates the entire article. If the vast majority of Muslims were moderate and law-abiding, then the islamization of schools all across the UK would not be happening.
    It’s happening because the larger Muslim community generally condones it and does not see it as ‘alien’ at all

  • ntt1

    is there any way the mass flip flopping of progressives on this confrontation could be used for power generation? here we have an allied minority attacking another celebrated minority ,one side is proven homicidal. Where oh where does the sensitive progressive place him /her /its self?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Knickers in a twist, I would predict.