What to Do About ISIL?

At a recent conference, I found myself bemoaning the ineffectiveness of Western military action against the Islamic State (ISIL). We in the West had decided to attack ISIL, but seemed to be pulling our punches. Why were their banking, propaganda and other facilities that support their terrorist operations not being blown to bits?

Imagine the surprise when a senior U.S. expert on these issues replied that by far the best thing to do with ISIL was precisely nothing: the Middle East and wider “Muslim world” was doomed to a massive revolting civil war, so let them get on with it and take stock of the situation once it clarified.

That, perhaps, is rather easier for an American to say. European leaders stare aghast at the rising death toll among refugees (“migrants”) in boats in the Mediterranean. Is it moral to do Nothing? But does doing Something simply encourage more terrified people to try to cross to Europe and stay there? Where does such a process end? Whose continent is Europe anyway?


I say let em have at it. We should not be involved in Islam’s civil war.