The MSM is Teaching Christians the Way to Respect is Violence

The stories continue to pour out of the MSM the MSM blaming Pam Geller for the ISIS attack on her event in Texas. With even some at Fox News getting into the act.

While all of this blame on Pam Geller might bring back memories of the Jim Crow era when Newspapers & pols blamed attacks against blacks on civil right crusaders provoking otherwise peaceful people into violence which would beg the question: Does the media have any shame? (No they don’t) but I don’t think that’s the real lesson of the day.

  • MannieP

    If drawing or insulting mo (Piss be upon him.) is to be banned because it incites violence, then violence has been enshrined as the highest law of the Land. In that case, we MUST resort to violence to protect our rights. We must track down and hang the blasphemer who created “Piss Christ.” We must track down and execute Leftist thinkers and speakers, because they promote totalitarianism. We must burn members of the Southern Baptist Convention because I am a member of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, and they are heretics. Are we having fun, yet?

  • G

    The writer is not advocating violence. He is simply pointing out what works and what doesn’t.

    The muslims go violently nutshit every time they even imagine an insult to their religion and everybody, politicians, lawyers, judges, academics, activists, bureaucrats and media people kiss their asses.

    Christians keep their mouths shut and don’t retaliate and they get used as door mats by everyone.

    Does violence work? Of course it does.