Teen Jihadi points out the MSM is more Muslim than “Coconut Muslims”

Below is a Facebook rant from a teen jihadi arrested in Australia this morning.

Either he hasn’t read the MSM and its twisted logic justifying their attacks Geller or he has inadvertently pointed out that the MSM is more Muslim than Muslims!


“THE ‘Muslims’ are quick to condemn the actions of the Islamic State, but you will never see them condemning the US atrocities against Muslims, you will never see them condemning the crimes against Muslims in Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Iraq etc etc …

“Likewise, when you see an attack done in defend of the honour of our Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him), you will see them rush to attack the attackers but they always forget to condemn the abusers of the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa sallam).

“When people wrote poems about him, do you think he forgave them?

“He forgave everyone that harmed him except the people that attacked his honour. So who are you to forgive on his behalf?

“Such is the trend of the coconut hypocrite ‘Muslims’.”