Phoenix Mosque Caught Lying About Ties to Texas Would-Be Jihadist Killer

After two attendees of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix (ICCPA) were killed in a gunfight Sunday night in Garland, Texas, outside a facility where a “Draw Muhammad” contest was being held, the leaders of the mosque have given conflicting stories about the relationship the two had with the place of worship.

Most of the conflicting accounts have come from mosque president Usama Shami, who has been regularly featured in multiple press reports following the events Sunday evening. Most of his statements have been attempts to distance the mosque from the two would-be terrorists.

  • simus1

    mosque top dogs telling the truth to infidels about anything is about as rare as it gets.

  • Gaian

    What’s this “would-be terrorists”? When you are firing on security guards, cops and civilians over a cartoon then you are a full blown terrorist. Stupid MSM.
    And islamics are directed to lie, according to their disgusting ideological code. So that Phoenix islamic cleric is just doing as all islamics do, lie.