Pamela Geller and the Professional Islamophobia Business

The great poet Maya Angelou once said, “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” Sadly, such wisdom is lost on the likes of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders, the unholy trinity of professional Islamophobia. They make their living off of preaching hatred of Islam, benefitting financially and politically from dehumanizing and demonizing Muslims.

It is in their capacity as professional Islamophobes that Geller and Spencer helped to organize the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” in Garland, Texas. The event, which featured Wilders as one of the main speakers, was intended to cause as much offense and ridicule as possible to Muslims by inviting cartoonists to draw incendiary pictures of Islam’s revered Prophet.

It was also an effort to exploit the tragedy of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris in January in order to maximize media exposure for themselves and the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the organization co-founded by Geller and Spencer that sponsored the event…

…Some voices in the mainstream media are framing the event on Geller’s terms, devoting lots of attention to Islam’s prohibitions of representing Muhammad in art and its problems with free speech. This is a recycled story, one that we encountered a decade ago with the Danish cartoons and that resurfaced in Paris in January.

It’s the story of a clash of civilizations that pits Western values of freedom of expression against Islam’s intolerance of these values…

Todd Green, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Religion at Luther College. Green writes and conducts research on Islamophobia and secularization in the West. He has published articles in a number of academic journals, including the Journal of Church and State, Journal of Religion in Europe, Religion Compass, and CrossCurrents. He is the author of two books: Responding to Secularization: The Deaconess Movement in Nineteenth-Century Sweden (Brill, 2011) and The Fear of Islam: An Introduction to Islamophobia in the West (Fortress Press, 2015).

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  • Morticiaa

    How can you even publish this disgusting distortion of reality
    What Pam and Robert publish are facts, news articles of
    Truthful news events in order to raise public awareness and also
    Create a recorded history of all these events
    Would this pea brained Lutheran crackpot call someone like the recently deceased MartinGilbert a hate monger too?
    Their focus on free speech is important as a push back in light
    Of the appeasement to sharia and the active muslim voice in western democracies
    It is very much needed to draw attention to the issue of free speech
    Within the context of the clash of civilizations…

    • Alain

      The very fact that these idiots (traitors) and Muslims cannot dispute the facts given by Geller and Spencer and instead start the lie that it is hate, shows just how true the facts are. Mind you I long ago discovered the truth of Islam, so I know how accurate both are.

    • Frau Katze

      I often post the other side’s views. We have to keep an eye on them, consider their arguments, looks for flaws, etc.

      I usually add a comment on them but this was posted near the end of my shift and I was getting uncomfortable from sitting so long (I don’t understand it. I worked at desk jobs for decades but now I retire and find it difficult).

    • That was the point of publishing it, to expose it.

  • morticiaa

    Hey here is an article mentioned on Fox after an interview with Pamela
    by David French, in the National
    Here is the link

    • Dana Garcia

      French appeared on Fox a little while ago, starting around 6:20 in the video below:

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        You do realize Fox News isn’t a good representation on someone stable to talk to because they have massive rage issues and should get their issues checked out either by a professional doctor or anger management. Remember Fox News is infotainment. It is used I believe to rile up people that have massive anti-Muslim bigotry.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          Unlike Press TV I suppose.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            To tell you the truth I hardly ever watch Press TV. I mostly watch RT and CNN.

          • Frau Katze

            RT is run by Russia and I wouldn’t trust it. You keep bitching about the West. I suggest you try living in Russia.

  • morticiaa
  • Billy Bob Thornton

    It is clear that Pam Geller hates Muslims:

    She has responded so many times that she is not Muslim or part of Islam so why would anyone not part of a faith care what they do.

    That is why I have talked to many on here and I have seen their responses all too well.

    They want to not be respectful and many would welcome massive war and maybe total war.

    Geller doesn’t seek to educate or help reform.

    Thom Hartmann just nails it.

    The same kind of mentality that fascists have over time. They want to pick on groups that are the flavour of the month.

    • Billy Bob, please don’t cut-and-paste your own comments onto multiple different threads. That’s basically just spamming.

    • Alain

      Please demonstrate exactly what is incorrect in what she says. Otherwise you are simply an idiot to be ignored.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Well what is the point in drawing pointless cartoons because it is a waste of time, and Muslims that come to Western nations for the most part do not treat their wives badly. Women in Islam choose to wear burkas. They are not second class. People come to Western democracies to improve their lives. Freedom of speech is not total in my case because media tends to over-report to assist their political allies so I think there is more government sanctioned speech rather than real freedom of speech. Geller believes also in self-promotion and never really cares about Muslims as a whole. It is not her religion so it means nothing to her. The fact is she hates Muslims by her actions. Does she want conversion? Remember anti-Islam parties are not rational. Of course I answered your question I doubt you will answer mine. Haven’t people ever heard of respect for religion?! It is part of their constitution.

        • Clink9

          It’s time to discover the opposite sex. You can’t put it off forever.

        • WalterBannon

          go fuck yourself

        • So….are clitorectomies sexy? Do they make you quiver?

          You have never read the United States Constitution. Obviously. Go back to bed, honey, by before your mom finds out what you doing.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Now you are just acting silly. By that comment, you cannot be debated due to your warped view and rabid hatred on what you think Islam is. Many on here believe it is a cult either by hatred of it since 9/11 or because of some other reason. I can tell you this much that I don’t believe the nonsense of what may or may go on in Islam. Islam, to me, is not a death cult but just one of the religions.

          • Una Salus

            Well, you can take that up with your prophet. It doesn’t help us if you’re ignorant about your religion and don’t want to know. That’s your problem. Don’t make it ours.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            My religion is Roman Catholicism and I don’t practice at all. The fact is wasn’t Jesus supposed to be forgiving? It seems to me that many do not act like their saviour – Gandhi quote. Of course you are free to think as you wish. I am merely trying to ensure that people do not get caught up in their hatred. Kind of like a peacemaker.

          • El Martyachi

            Just put down the bong man.

          • Una Salus

            OK, so you know even less about Islam and figure it’s not too much different to what you’re ignorant of.
            Anyway forgiveness has nothing to do with anything since I’m not a victim of Islam. I’m just in favour of having an honest discussion about it.

          • occupant 9

            You’re aware that Muslim beheaders ARE acting like their so-called “prophet” right?

            What you “merely” are is ill-informed extra large. The flimsy equivocation route has been tried by others 1.5 decades ago and since then … 25,000+ Islamic terror attacks.

            There’s a time for hate just as there’s a time for all things, but quote me please that I HATE those who seek to enslave my children and terrorize my fellow countrymen over their 7th century barbary ethic.

            You, on the other hand, is the kind of “peacemaker” that gets us all murdered by your massive assumptions that Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

          • kiwi

            It is not us that hate – you would know that if you had read the Qur’an or any of the Islamic tenets. They hate you so much that they will never make peace, that is not what their Holy Book states. Their intention is to rule the world by any means necessary under the laws of Allah because they are the superior peoples (their prophet told them that so it must be true!)
            And you would be considered a pagan so it would be either conversion to Islam or death. Read Islamic history and the millions that have died or been subjected to their barbaric prophets insane rantings and their duty to carry out jihad until Mohammeds ambition is realised.

          • John

            Islam, to me, is not a death cult but just one of the religions.

            Well, you’re the theologian!
            And to be honest, over the past 20 years or so we’ve seen tens of thousands of murderous attacks carried out by Chrisitans screaming “Christ-is-Lord”!
            I’d love to take you to my neighborhood pharmacy, sit you down and buy you a refreshing prescription.

          • Kiwi

            I suggest you educate yourself about a subject before commenting on something you obviously know very little about it. Apostasy is punished by death in Islamic law which is why it is known as a death cult – does your religion (if any) require your death should you want to leave?

        • Una Salus

          who the hell cares if you think it’s a waste of time? just because it’s not a freedom you’re not interested in exercising what does that have to do with anybody else exercising it? Including Muslims.

        • John

          Women in Islam choose to wear burkas. They are not second class.
          When a women’s mind has been shackled by the patriarchal diktats of islamofascism since birth any semblance of free choice becomes a mere chimera.
          A couple of years back I watched an interview on French T.V. with a women in full burka who was pleading for tolerance and accommdation. When questioned about the practice of stoneing women to death, she replied that there was nothing wrong with it just so long as the women agreed with the punishment.
          When an individual is ground down to the point where they’ll *agree* to be stoned to death, the only accommodation they really need is that of a padded cell.

        • Raymond Hietapakka

          …”for the most part”…51% probably. One thing I refuse to do, and so should you is…don’t speak for other people and don’t throw any statistic-type info at me without a corroborating source…

        • occupant 9

          Islam is not a religion but a whole life system that includes very harsh rules for non-Muslims, but you clearly don’t know this.

          Islam considers all other faiths to be worthy of destruction and violence as is very, very, very clear according to their so-called “religious” texts, but you clearly don’t know this.

          Islam considers women as property, but you clearly don’t know this.

          Muslims carry Islam which seeks to obliterate all others, but you clearly don’t know this.

          What you do know is very little, but it is knee-jerk stupidity at the highest level.

          Muslims hate you, me and even other Muslims, proving that Islam is dangerous to all, but you clearly don’t know this and refuse to know this.

          How are “anti-Islam” parties not rational? Is it because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, but are certain Geller is the problem?

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            What I do know is based on your words you have probably been brainwashed since 9/11 because much of what you’re saying is akin to the brainwashing of Putin now and Hitler in the past. You know the films that are posted on Youtube saying fight for the Allies. Not saying the Nazis weren’t bad but yes they should have been fought.

            The real question is should there is 100 years of war or more or less?

            I am not for mass immigration. I am for limits but no party in Canada is for limited immigration.

            I am for ensuring that people have a say on who is brought in.

            The fact is much of what you say are assumptions, thinking I am left wing when I support different ideologies each day. I am not only one.

            But again you say this about Muslims but you seem to be saying that war must be total by those words.

            You keep also saying knowing this but refuse to list sources.

            I refuse to be brainwashed because much of what you are saying is inherited hate and is through rage and you don’t speak Arabic.

            Islam has 1.6 billion followers. Only about 0.001% is violent. You are lumping all Muslims together and that is collective punishment.

          • occupant 9

            Sources: Koran, hadith, suras, daily prayers, sermons.

            You refuse to be informed in any way that conflicts with what you already assume is rock solid knowledge, which conveniently omits you from studying Islam.

            What are your sources for saying “only about 0.001%” is violent? You have none; you pulled this out of your assumption hole. According to CAIR, they admit for 10% of 1.3 billion, not 1.6 billion, meaning CAIR admits for 130 MILLION violent adherents to Islam. Pew polls reveal a much larger number, closer to 75% in some countries.

            Had you any knowledge of daily Islamic prayers, you’d know Muslims “lump” all non-Muslims together, five times a day, as unworthy, misguided, devious and the like.

            If you know anything about Islamic law, you’d see the hilarity in your accusation of “collective punishment.” To wit:

        • Kiwi

          It is obvious you have never read ‘Sharia Law”. Full covering is mandated. Unfortunately so many muslims know so little of their own religious laws and tenets that they too think it is a choice. Unfortunately not – just like female circumcision it is there in black and white in Umdat al Salik, the classical book of Islamic jurisprudence.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Bring up a specific quote she said and I will say whether I believe it is true or not.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          Bring up a specific quote she said that is demonstrably false.

        • She said it is WAR because Muslim jihadi were killing Jews in supermarkets and He do cartoonists. You’re couldn’t care less, therefore, Headcheese, we don’t care about you.

    • Frau Katze

      The ACLU famously supported the right of Nazis to hold a march in an area where many Holocaust survivors lived (it was in the 1970s I think).

      That was how important they saw America’s right to freedom of speech.

      What say you?

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        I am against that which you are saying because of their choice if it is true. Of course many organizations I am sure did things that were terrible and have changed. I think they are integral in capitalism but one has to wonder when people say Nazis were they waving swastikas or were they nationalists? There is a big difference between nationalism, civic nationalism, racial nationalism and national socialism. Of course is this just used to show hypocrisy? I of course mean you question directed at me. I am against Nazism since of its history of scapegoating and massive killing. Of course we must never let events like the Holocaust happen again.

        • Frau Katze

          If it’s true? You think I’m making it up?

          Not an American? Not familiar with the First Amendment, Bill of Rights?

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Well based on what you said in the 70’s you said I think so I was just saying may have happened. I believe that unions are not all corrupt. I believe they are part of capitalism and will always be whether in an increased way or vice versa. Yes I believe that we need to respect what others have been through but I wouldn’t say it is the scandal of the century. The biggest scandal is the debt of the US created by both parties.

          • Frau Katze

            Stop changing the subject. Go read about the event. You need to learn some history.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            It is just a symbol the swastika but I am for free speech. Of course she should make her intentions clear about what the purpose of the events are for. The fact is there are limits and people refuse to accept that. That event proves it. And both parties know that is the case. And it is what I have been saying all along that there is no such thing as universal freedom of speech. There will always be no-go zones and government-sanctioned free speech.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Think about it. What a person types online could get them into trouble.

          • occupant 9

            What this event proves is that Muslims cannot wrap their heads around concepts like freedom and self-restraint, which you seem to be having many struggles with too.

            This event also proves that freedom is worth fighting for but that, like always, the few will do the fighting and the many will ride the coattails; others, like you, enable the other side either by your equivocating ignorance or your direct actions (as a dhimmi (look it up)) to defer to a supremely Leftarded narrative that helps Islam tremendously.

          • occupant 9

            Billy Bob Muslim needs to learn an awful lot of history.

          • The American Civil Liberties Union is not a Labour Union. It’s a very left-wing activist organization which, apparently, I learn from Frau, once cared about freedom of speech is some circumstances at least. It doesn’t now.


          • Frau Katze

            Yes, it’s changed recently. Just another group of leftists now.

          • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

            Just judging from the outcome it was a wise Supreme Court.

        • Frau Katze

          Here’s a picture taken of the group at the time. Google “Nazis march in Skokie”

          • Jake Blues

            I hate Illinois Nazis.

          • Frau Katze

            Ja wohl.

          • occupant 9

            Hey, where’s that “Billy Bob” to say “I stand corrected?”

        • Kiwi

          Well, they will if everyone remains as ignorant as you about Islam.

      • El Martyachi
    • John

      Geller is battling an ideology that is misogynistic, homophobic anti-semitic and surpremacist. When she targets individual Muslims she does so because they’re propagaters and promoters of that supremacist hatred. And if you’ve ever noticed, she also takes aim at non-muslims who act as apologists for islamofascism.
      Some individuals, mostly Muslim but with some non-muslims, act as vehicles, soldiers, for this clerical fascism and in doing so become targets for those fighting against that clerical fascism.
      Geller’s mission is NOT one centered on ‘education’ and ‘reform’; her principle role lies in exposing and ferreting out the very real dangers islamofascism presents to our freedoms and way of life.
      Finally, as both a women and a Jew, Geller embodies the two groups of people the tenors of clerical fascism hate most.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      Dislikes and is disgusted by them, are more proper descriptions…like dealing with little children…I don’t hate you, little Billy-b0y, I hate your behaviour……long-winded, over-“intellectualized” boring diatribes…

  • roccolore

    Hamas-linked CAIR makes millions off crying “Islamophobia.”

  • Michael Onoo

    So you are saying a woman in a tight skirt is responsible for getting raped

  • Gary

    There is a tactic used by islamists when they invade a Nation as they are doing here in Canada. First off they exploit the Freedoms and free speech to spew hate in their Mosques behind closed doors, but in public they have a veneer of Peace and play the Victim as a minority group being attacked by islamophobe bigots and they are the new jews from the 1930’s.
    This sets the stage for asking to have Prayer Rooms in schools and Work Places, once the foot is in the door it is easy to dominate later as the population grows where they DEMAND a Mosque in the school on Friday which the Liberal leftists and progressives fear denying and being called racist or an islamophobe.
    Barbara Hall and the TDSB went against the Charter of Rights and allowed Muslims to impose their faith on others in Public schools while also promoting their Holy book that calls for killing jews and gays.
    The islamists use the Apostate provision in the Quran to inflict fear in the moderate peaceful liberal muslims that are just as much at risk for being killed as Infidels . So the muslims that should be on OUR side are forced to parrot the Taqqiyah that islam means Peace and there is nothing in the quran that promotes Jihad violence.
    Since liberalism is a mental disorder from birth , the islamists know they have a vast number of useful idiots in Canada that will help further their cause for allah to spread sharia law and make Canada an islam State that Imam Steve Rockwell said was the duty for all muslims in non-islamic lands.

    Islamsits know that Terrorism works so they don’t have to , this example is shown by the Media that refuses to do anything that might incite Terrorism by the islamists while the Media hides behind their claim of respecting the Religion ( they bash all others but fear islam) .

    If this insanity continues , it will be all of the Minority groups now supporting sharia law that will be the first ones killed off under the Islamsist version of sharia law. Currently at the rate that GLAAD has been silent over the slaughtering of gays in the Middle east, I wonder what’s the point for me caring in the future when gays start to be murder here since I’ve been called a Homophobe just for opposing the overt male nudity in PRIDE while children are around as the PRIDE-Police allow it when non-gays would be arrested for child-abuse.

  • pdxnag

    Hate: Mohammad made a “religion” out of it, coupled with a sadistic thrill out of inflicting pain misery and death on anyone not loyal to him, even long after his own death.