NYT: Venice Officials threaten to close work of ‘art’ consisting of a church turned into a mosque

A gathering at Santa Maria della Misericordia, a Catholic church that has been transformed into a mosque for the Venice Biennale. Credit Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times

VENICE — A provocative art installation in the form of a functioning mosque opened here on Friday for prayers, attended by dozens of Muslim worshipers who were outnumbered through much of the day by art spectators crowding the city for the 56th Venice Biennale.

The project, by the Swiss-Icelandic artist Christoph Büchel, serves as Iceland’s national pavilion for the Biennale and is intended in part to highlight the absence of a mosque in the historic heart of Venice, a city whose art and architecture were deeply influenced by Islamic trade and culture.

But the idea has upset Venetian city officials and police authorities, who have warned that the mosque poses a security threat because of possible violence either by anti-Islamic extremists or Islamic extremists upset that the mosque has been created inside a disused Catholic church.

City officials have also argued that special legal permission is needed within Venice to create a place of worship, and they have rejected claims by Mr. Büchel and Icelandic art officials that the mosque is a simply a work of art functioning as a place of worship…

Venice-church-to-mosque-buttsA prayer service on Wednesday. Credit Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times

  • Rosenmops

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    • You got it. The first thing they do is remove all the crosses and icons.

  • Dana Garcia

    Call in an exorcist.

  • Icebow

    Churches converted to mosques should be reconsecrated or used for non-muzz purposes. Purpose-built mosques should be levelled.

    • They’ll need loads of disinfectant after this.

  • BillyHW

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    • Frau Katze

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      • Gary

        True, most of the pro-Liberals in the Artsy Fartsy community in Toronto are pro-gay and have the highest per-capita rates for gays outside of Hair Salons.
        But their loyalty is from the Public Trough of Grants and funding which the Liberal party exploited as does the leftist progressive at City Hall in Toronto.
        It’s sounds much nicer to tell people you’re an Artist rather than admit you still live with your Mother and on Social Assistance.
        The only thing that most of these Artists draw is a Welfare Cheque.

    • 50/50. The carpet does look gay.

      • tom_billesley

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  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    All the mosques everywhere in the world,are now the schools of terrororists.

    • Gary

      Plus Depots for a cache of weapons.

      The Toronto Police now have orders to alert a Mosque 24 hours ahead of time if they plan to visit one , and yet that jew hating bigot Cop ( Diversity) Ricky Veerappan entered a Jewish Temple with his gun on him and threatened the Rabbi that if he allowed Pam Geller to speak there that he would lose his job as a Chaplain of the PEEL Police Board.

      No wonder the Police have their Black Shirts that mirror that nazi’s from the 1930’s that bullied people into submission .

  • Achmed

    Once a mosque always a mosque.

    It is now ours forever!

  • tom_billesley

    The interaction of Venice and Dar Al-Islam is already represented by the Arsenale.

  • John

    …to highlight the absence of a mosque in the historic heart of Venice, a city whose art and architecture were deeply influenced by Islamic trade and culture.
    The art and architecture of Venice were influenced by Byzantium, as is the architecture of the Islamic world.
    Hagia Sophia in Consatantinople served as the template for it all