‘It’s about being respectful to my religion’: Storm of controversy over sign banning Muslim staff from washing their feet in city office public toilet before their daily prayers

An anonymous building worker has sparked outrage by placing a sign on the men’s toilet of a Sydney city office block in an attempt to ban Muslims from washing their feet in the sink before their daily prayers.

The sign, which has a cartoon of a man with one of his feet in a sink and surrounded by a circle with a slash through it, was placed on the door of the men’s toilet of an office block on Pitt Street, in Sydney’s business district.

The sign is believed to have gone up on Wednesday, just days after a building worker queried one of the shop workers who use the toilet…

Mohammed plagiarized a lot but he sure missed one of the main messages of Jesus: rituals are meaningless — it is your behaviour towards others that counts.

Foot-washing might have made sense in the 7th century, when shoes were luxuries and the ground was dirty. But it makes zero sense now.

Yet, like trained animals, the Islamoloons must do through their stupid rituals, no matter how much it inconveniences others. 

I can understand that rituals might have a psychological benefit. Yet, if they make other people very uncomfortable, the onus is on them to change.

Keep your rituals to your private homes and mosques: leave us alone!

unnamed-10Grotesque! This is revolting to me.