In wake of Baltimore unrest, Ta-Nehisi Coates complains about Jim Crow and lack of reparations

The inaugural JHU Forum on Race in America featuring acclaimed writer and Baltimore native Ta-Nehisi Coates was planned months ago, organizers said, to launch a conversation at Johns Hopkins University about race and racism in our community and in our country.

Just days before the event, Baltimore erupted into riots following the funeral of Freddie Gray, the unrest beginning in the same neighborhood where Coates grew up. His mother, Coates wrote in The Atlantic earlier this week, was raised in the same West Baltimore housing project in which Gray was taken into police custody…

…The focus for Coates, one of the country’s leading public intellectuals on the topic of race, was not the broken mechanisms of the present. Rather, he repeatedly steered the conversation back to the past.

Coates declined to engage deeply in debates about the modern-day war on drugs, police corruption, or why race relations are so strained in Baltimore despite its majority-black leadership. Instead he encouraged attendees to look holistically at the centuries of “plunder” that have shaped America, from the days of slavery through the Jim Crow era and the discriminatory federal housing policies of this century.

“Plunder is not incidental to who we are. Plunder is not incidental to what America is,” Coates said, adding later: “You’re living in a country that could not exist without oceans of white supremacy.”

It would be a mistake, the writer cautioned, to “begin the conversation with the quote-unquote riot”…

  • Minicapt

    Tiny-Hissy Coates is a salient example of the importance of skin colour in assessing and determining individual intelligence.


    • Frau Katze

      A real whiner.

  • Gary

    These people are destroying what’s around them as if they are Proud to make their plight even worse because now they have next to a Zero chance of a good job.
    If the Black mobs of rioters and looters were really upset over the poverty for having no jobs, they would Loot the Stores that sell Work Clothes so they were ready for high paying labour jobs.

    Oh wait, The Democrats wants more people as Wards Of The State to buy off with welfare and cheap housing in exchange for vote just as Obama wants 15,000,000 illegals to get amnesty and the Right to votes in 2016.

  • Shebel

    ” You are living in a Country where you would not exist without oceans of White tolerance”.

  • Ed

    Where are all the Chinese and Japanese???

  • Alain

    Reparations? Well, if one takes into account the generations who milked and continue to milk the welfare system, that exceeds any “reparations” entitlement. There are successful black Americans who made it on their own merit and hard work, so this shows the problem is thug culture, fatherless children all aided and abetted by leftist government welfare. Get over yourself.

    • Frau Katze

      Affirmative Action is a form of reparation too. I doubt anything would be enough to satisfy this guy.

  • Ta-Nehishi, a greedy and stupid ghetto bum who owes all of his “achievements” to the affirmative action.

    • Justin St.Denis

      And where did he get the stupid name?

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        His alphabet soup?

      • Minicapt

        His father named him after a Black Egyptian prince from some period before 2000BC, or during the 25th (Nubian) Dynasty or 800BC. His “Nehisi” looks like a reference to an Egyptian word for Nubians as “Nehesu”.


        • Justin St.Denis

          Makes all the sense in the world to me now! ROFL

  • Brett_McS

    Q. You are a Baltimore rioter and you go into a room and there are two monkeys, one stacking up blocks and the other matching the shapes of a child’s puzzle. Which is the smartest primate in that room?

    A. Probably the monkey stacking the blocks.

  • She’s a despicable leech.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They should eliminate all local government in Baltimore, abolish the police and every other city agency, fire the mayor and city council and place the city under direct Federal control imparted by a hand picked viceroy who has the power to enact or ignore any law he or she likes, by decree, and enforce it using the US army. Phase 2 should be the ethnic cleansing of all white people from Baltimore.