Immigration Policy Success Stories: “There are violent people and violent groups that want to kill Canadians” – CSIS

Terrorism, radicalization main threats to Canadian security: spy agency

Michael Coulombe, director of CSIS, has often stressed the terror threat in speeches and appearances before parliamentary committees. He didn’t soft-pedal it in his portion of the report.

“There are violent people and violent groups that want to kill Canadians,” Coulombe wrote. “It’s a sobering observation to make and there is no euphemistic way of making it.”

The report worried that Canadians who become radicalized and travel abroad to fight alongside extremists could become serious threats if they return home battle-hardened with dangerous skills.

“CSIS has found that radicalized individuals come from varied social backgrounds and age groups, with a wide range of educational credentials and often appear to be fully integrated into society,” the report said.

“This makes the detection of radicalized individuals particularly challenging.”


Yea and we allowed them to immigrate here.

Another immigrant success story! (You can read the entire report at the link below.)

“While conducting a security screening investigation for a federal government department, CSIS learned that an individual who required a secret clearance had promoted the ideology of, and had worked for an organization suspected of providing funds to, a listed terrorist entity in Canada. The Service assessed that the individual may engage in activities posing a threat to the security of Canada. The requesting department accepted the assessment and subsequently denied the individual’s clearance.” PG. 39 Government: Screening in Action I

CSIS Public Report 2013-2014

  • Alain

    This is a giant red flag and yet meaningless when the government refuses to make the connection with the present immigration policy. The message is clear that it is imperative for a start to cease importing those violent people and violent groups whose goal is to kill Canadians. The very least is the requirement to close the flood gates in order not to increase their numbers. Yet no where is this addressed outside of blogs.

  • k1962

    Did the individual sue us yet?

    • Rosenmops


    • Soon I’m sure.

      • k1962

        Well, what’s taking so long? The government will be tied up defending itself agains poor, teenaged Omar and his hideous lawyer. You know, I think I dislike his greasy haired lawyer as much as I dislike Omar.