Imam at Mosque Where Texas Shooter Prayed Warned His Flock… About the FBI Informant There to Keep Tabs on the Shooter


At the mosque they both attended, the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, Mr. Deng stood out. Usama Shami, president of the mosque, said the young Sudanese man came to his attention because he did not seem to care much about Islam. He asked few questions about Islamic rituals and rarely engaged with others.

He claimed to be a convert, said Mr. Shami, an engineer of Palestinian heritage, but he wasn’t interested in learning the faith, and that raised our suspicions.

Mr. Sulaiman called Mr. Shami and other members of the mosque and warned them to be careful around Mr. Deng, saying he was probably an informant and out to get someone, Mr. Shami recalled.

  • Martin B

    “…but he wasn’t interested in learning the faith”

    Unlike the Texas Toon Terrorist, who learned his faith all too well.

    • Censored_EG

      He practiced his faith. WITH. A. GUN. He understood Islam well. Very well.

      • Frau Katze

        Deng was an FBI informant.

  • Frau Katze

    Are there any other religions except Islam, where the FBI feels a need for informants?

  • Alain

    This mosque is still operating because????

  • Gary

    I remember that cause in Windsor where a cab driver said something to one of the Peaceful Muslim immigrants that was taken as in insult to islam, the peaceful muslim used his son to help lure in the Cabby to take them to an Industrial zone where Daddy dearest told the cabby stop at which point he reached from the back seat and sawed off the mans heads .
    The Police said that it was the most blood soaked crime scene they had witnessed and that is was shocking to see a person with their head hanging down by a spinal fibre against the chest .
    While the Nqab clad wife blamed Canada for it because her husband was peaceful back home , the fellow muslims in the Mosque , and Imam , said that they hear him talk about killing the cab driver but they didn’t think he meant it so they didn’t alert the Police.
    Hmmmm, so it’s common in mosques across Canada to chat about beheading people that insult islam to the point that it rhetoric and no reason to alert the Police to save a life.

    I no longer buy this massive pile of BS from Imams or most muslims because there is no way a jihadist can do acts of terrorism and NOT be aided and abetted by ” Peaceful” muslims around then that CHOOSE to not reveal it.

    CAIR-Canada under Sheema Khan reign had handed out booklets that coach muslims to NOT help the Police, FBI, CSIS or the RCMP that are investigating their muslims brothers.

    Keep this in mind , because when Sheema Khan , or CAIR, wants Canadians to help the RCMP and CSIS investigate islamophobes that had plots to bomb mosques and slaughter muslims…… you have the Right to NOT help them and you will have the support form CAIR and Khan that told Muslims to do the same thing.