Crashed or dumped?

Stunning pictures reveal hundreds of World War Two aircraft lost for over 70 YEARS on Pacific Ocean seabed

The article implies that the 150 planes were found “crashed” in the same area. That may be an error, I suspect they were likely dumped as unserviceable during the war or as surplus afterwards given they are all American makes of disparate types.  Cool pics though.

F4U Corsair sea bottom

  • simus1

    These appear to be mainly unserviceable aircraft that were kept on hand at this South Pacific island airbase until the end of WW2 to provide quickly available scarce spare parts when needed. There were other categories of valuable (much of it brand new) working military equipment under Lend Lease to American allies that specified what would happen to it following victory. Usually purchase at high prices totally unrelated to the massive glut that built up, ship it back to the USA, or destroy in place with suitable proof. Since Britain, Australia and France were essentially broke, and many types of American equipment contained war contract restricted components that were banned from reentry to the US once shipped abroad, destruction was the only viable option. Dumping at sea was the least costly way out.

    The above item shows what happened when the French and British tried to be cute trying to acquire free stuff that had plenty of civilian applications.