Canada sheds 20,000 jobs in April – Ontario’s job plan seems to involve hiring more Public Service cheque cashers

Among provinces, British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia posted drops in employment. Two provinces hit by the drop in oil prices – Alberta and Newfoundland – saw gains, though many economists expect their jobless rates will climb in the coming months.

Oh that’s okay Wynne will just hire more public sector employees…

From the comments…. ( The data used can be accessed here.)

Employment changes Apr.2014 vs Apr.2015 (data from Cansim table 282-0011)

public service – 1,294,500 vs 1,307,300 now – gain of 12,800
private sector – 4,478,600 vs 4,459,400 now – loss of 19,200
conclusion – definition of basket case in real life

Small wonder Wynne was elected:

The last election saw a total voter turnout of 4,885,493 or 51.3% of eligible voters.

Guess who was motivated to turn out, and guess who has the money to get out the vote.

  • John

    Québec leads the country in job creation?! Have we all fallen down the rabbit hole?

  • David Murrell

    Note that the slavishly-pro-Liberal Globe and Mail, in the posted article above, stresses the national losses, with scarcely a mention of Ontario and its anti-business premier. There is never any serious discussion by our media cartel of either Ontario’s high debt or the ensuing job losses.

    • Cheryl

      I am sure glad I did not vote these inept people in but I have to suffer as if I did. It is too bad the people of Ontario don’t have the balls to protest to make this woman and( I use the term loosely) step down before there is nothing left of our once great province. She seems to think she has made the province better so this is why I think she should she a doctor for her mental issues because she is completely going insane.

  • Millie_Woods

    29% of employees in Ontario are on the public payroll? Wow! And then there’s the people on welfare and other forms of social assistance. And 49% of the electorate have accepted being spectators in their own fate? Unbelievable, something is radically wrong in Ontario.