#BoycottJoeBeef: Pro-Omar Khadr tweet sparks Canadian media reaction

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media reports that after convicted terrorist Omar Khadr was freed on bail, the owner of the Montreal restaurant Joe Beef tweeted an invitation to Khadr to stop by for a free meal.

A Twitter flurry was unleashed, and in the wake of #BoycottJoeBeef, the restauranteur apologized.

But guess what happened after that…

  • ntt1

    I would not call the media activists ,that implies a level of understanding most just don’t have. They are progressives that don’t think but act and report using only emotion and irrationality.thet feel empowered by emotional support for a man who killed ,never bothering to think of kadr’s victims’kids and family.

    • brm373

      It is a sad comment on society that these couch dwelling,underachievers who are often up by the crack opf noon turn murderers like Omar and the Boston Bomber into rock stars.

  • Clink9

    This Kadr thing is like fly paper drawing out all the scumbag traitors in Canada. Pick a side A holes, it’s going to get a lot nastier in the future.

  • tom_billesley

    No offers from Mo’Pok?

  • Dana Garcia

    Wow, it isn’t enough to avoid diverse establishments to avoid your money going to jihad supporters.

  • brm373

    Frankly thought Omar spoke well yesterday but full expect the MSM and that “scumbag” will leech every nickel available off his celebrity.

    • Gary

      Did you notice that during all the time the Media tried to paint him the child soldier Victim they used the Photo from his Mother which was so cute and innocent as a little boy around 10.
      Omar is part of a PR campaign by his Lawyer who has ties to the hamas linked CAIR that helped Maher Arar use extortion to sue canada for $400,000,000.00 for alleged torture in Syrian when he told the CBC in 2003 he was tortured in JORDAN .
      Omar is now going to Sue canada for $$$millions that can l buy lots of Al-Qaeda training camps in Canada . Don’t be fooled by this Western looking clean-cut imagine because taqiyyah in the quruan is the art of lies to the unbelievers as a friend while you plot to kill them .

      • ntt1

        the Lawyer is by far the more dangerous of the pair. He is going to use law fare to cripple Canadians through bogus court cases, unfortunately he is backed by extremist activist judges .