A Murdering Jihadist Is Walking Free; Thanks, Obama

Canadian judge ruled this week that Omar Khadr poses no public-safety threat. Tell that to the children of Sergeant First Class Christopher J. Speer and the surviving American soldiers who valiantly fought Khadr on the battlefield.

In 2012, Khadr pleaded guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, and guilty to five charges related to the killing of Speer, a 28-year-old medic with the U.S. Special Forces.

This young American hero died in Afghanistan in 2002 during an ambush by al-Qaeda operatives. Just days before he gave his life, Speer had fearlessly walked onto a minefield to rescue two wounded Afghan children. It was Khadr, born and bred an Islamic jihadist by his terrorist father, who lobbed the fatal grenade in the war zone. Another American soldier, SFC Layne Morris, survived the attack but was blinded in one eye for life.

  • This was the plan.

    Khadr should have been dispatched in Afghanistan.

    • Pity he wasn’t.

      • Cheryl

        You have to wonder how long it is going to take for Khadr to recruit would be terrorists to start taking down Canada. His lawyer has to be a complete idiot. He said he only confessed to the crimes to get out of Gitmo. There is video showing he was making bombs so who is this piece of crap kidding?

    • mobuyus

      War is fought now a days with the emphasis on a humanitarian component over a military one. No wonder we can’t seem to roll up the dirtbags as fast as I would like to see done. War is black and white on the battlefield and now SJWs would like to add grey. When a grey player interjects himself onto the field, you do not go around him you do not go over or under him, you go through him.

      • Air-lift them to Syria and leave them there. As is said, one cannot fix stupid.

  • WalterBannon

    treasonous courts. i hope the judge is run over by a bus

  • G

    Every damned canadian judge that had even the slightest thing to with Khadr’s fate did everything possible to set this murderer free as soon as possible. This was judicial activism at it’s absolute worst.

    No one can deny now that canadian judges have an overt left wing bias. The first thing that needs to be done is publicly and loudly calling them on it the way conservatives started doing with the press a few years ago.

    The idea that journalists have an overwhelming left wing bias was denied and ridiculed at first but now is commonly accepted even by journalists (even if they are reluctant to admit it). Journalists credibility has suffered as a result.

    Judges must be dealt with in the same way. Attack their credibility. If they are going to openly throw their influence behind leftist causes then they must be publicly held accountable.

  • chayisun

    Anyone know the name of this so called judge who allowed this scum out? Must have been named but I missed it.
    As for the lawyer he’s just waiting to sue for this piece of pigmeat so he can get a really big pay day. By the way, who IS paying this turd of a lawyer? I’m hoping the family of the slain medic is suing this muslim thug.

    • G

      You didn’t miss it. The scumbag judge wasn’t named (of course – accountability is for little people not judges).
      Apparently Speer’s family is starting a lawsuit but really, I don’t hold out much hope. Every canadian judge this murdering shit has come in to contact with has licked his boots and done whatever they could to free him. Why would anyone expect that a lawsuit against this prick would succeed?

      • chayisun

        God, if there is one, should strike down the judge, lawyer and kadhr. That would be nice….