24 suspicious packages sent to Canadian courthouses from Asian addresses

Suspicious packages, with postmarks from Asia, continue to arrive at Canadian courthouses, with the latest being found in Nunavut, as police forces continue to investigate.

Authorities have released little information about what’s inside the packages.

On Thursday, the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit was evacuated after a suspicious package arrived. Justice officials there have said it could be linked to others across the country.

  • Jay Currie


  • Minicapt

    No pok?


  • Doug Kursk

    Two things: 1) a mass drop sounds to me like the prelude to the real thing and 2) the comments at CBC are a wonder to behold. If there is any way to tie PM Harper to just about anything bad that happens, the lefties will do it.

    The comments posted by leftist half wits and dullards only reinforce my opinion that most of them are but one step away from psychosis and subsequent institutionalization.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I noticed the same thing. CBC fans are as schizoid and paranoid as ever. Some things never change. And Peter Mansbridge still has no lips.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        When I get *my* turn at running things Mansbridge will be back to doing PA announcements at the Churchill MB airport. 😉

    • eMan14

      I tend to agree that it may just be a test run of sorts for something more substantial.

  • WalterBannon

    Maurice Strong sent them…

  • Michpelle

    What’s the font for that picture?