Violent Muslims, sharia enforcement put an end to Dearborn Arab Festival

A scene from the 2011 festival. Source.

Almost comical if it weren’t so serious:

They defeated us. In 2010, bigots came to our city to flaunt their racism at the Arab International Festival and ended up taking $300,000 of our tax money after suing the city for wrongful arrest. Hateful protesters kept coming back in the following two years, which proved to be the last for the festival.

What race is Islam? Who were the hateful ones throwing bottles and threatening violence and more?

The American Arab Chamber of Commerce, which organized the festival, announced in 2013 that the yearly event would be “postponed.” Rising insurance costs, the city’s lack of enthusiasm for the festival and failed plans to move it from Warren Avenue to a park were the understood reasons behind canceling the event.

The extremists shut down our festival and made money at it. All the reasons for canceling the festival are connected to the bigots’ demonstrations and lawsuits against Dearborn and Wayne County in previous years.

The reasons are Muslims can’t control themselves. And the police chose to enforce sharia rather than arrest those committing acts of violence…