U.N. Wants to Let Europe Use Military Force to Stop Migrant Smuggling Boats

Italian sailors rescued more than 100 refugees from Africa in the sea between Italy and Libya on Oct. 4, 2014. The migrants said they had left Tripoli, Libya, the night before. Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

The United Nations Security Council plans to put forth a draft resolution that would authorize Europe to use military force to stop migrant smuggling boats that set off from Libya across the Mediterranean Sea, signaling the Continent’s resolve to stanch the tide of migrants fleeing the Middle East and North Africa.

The measure, which is likely to be discussed with the European Union foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, on Monday, when she is scheduled to meet with the Security Council, raises a host of tricky legal and diplomatic issues, including whether to offer safe passage to the people on those boats or return them to Libya or their countries.

International law prohibits countries from returning migrants who are fleeing persecution in their own countries…

…This is especially thorny because there are two rival Libyan governments, and they are engaged in delicate political negotiations mediated by the United Nations…

…The draft measure was proposed by European members of the Council, as well as by Italy, which bears the principal burden of rescuing migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean Sea…

Naturally, the usual suspects are protesting:

UN urged not to allow migrant boat ‘bombing’: Italy’s Red Cross president on Wednesday spoke out against European plans to destroy migrant boats used by smugglers in the Mediterranean, as the United Nations weighed whether to endorse the military campaign.

Check out this chart of where they “migrants” are from:


More charts…





  • Wherever they come, most ‘migrants’ are Muslims – and therefore future jihadists in Europe, who will subjugate their hosts if not kill them.

  • PhilT

    As the 2005 Muslim Man of the Year said (in a different context)

    If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”

    Not that uncovered meat is a problem if you have enough robot sentry guns.