Raif Badawi: Wife of jailed blogger pleads Saudi royals for ‘amnesty’ allowing him to rejoin family in Canada

The wife of the jailed blogger Raif Badawi has called on Saudi Arabia’s powerful royal family to grant him an “amnesty”, allowing him to leave the country and rejoin his young family in Canada.

In an emotional appeal published by The Independent exactly a year after her husband was sentenced to a decade in prison and 1,000 lashes by Jeddah’s Criminal Court, Ensaf Haidar said he had been locked up merely because he was “a man of thought who conveyed that thought in writing”.

Writing in her native Arabic, she accused Saudi Arabia of treating her husband “like a criminal deserving of punishment, floggings and imprisonment” simply because he had spoken his mind through his liberal blog and wanted his country to respect people’s differences.

  • Petey

    A better idea is that she goes to Saudi Arabia.

  • Gary

    Nobody cared when the White male Christian Will Sampson was in a Saudi being tortured for alleged claims he offended islam. Yet when a Muslim globe trots and gets in trouble the media goes nuts and racing in the demand we rescue them.
    Chretien got played for the sucker when he bailed out Daddy Khadr who had died later on in a fire fight as a terrorist that had his son with him which Martin let back into canada for FREE health care for his injuries .

    Just wait until the wealthy white liberals are victims of sharia law in canada and nobodies left to rescue them.

  • I hope by some miracle he does make it to Canada.

    I mean, come on. At this point there are few Muslims I’d welcome into the country. I’ll make an exception for this guy.