Multiculturalism in Denmark: “Middle Eastern” looking man tears down flags on Liberation Day, threatens guard with death

“Police is searching for man who last night threatened a guard in Sønderborg …

…the man was in an aggresive state and walked around at the bridge and tried to remove the Danish flag that was hoisted on the occasion of Liberation Day.

As the guard asked the man to leave, the man threatened him with the words “I will kill you” (in English). …

The man is described as 25-30 years, approximately 175 cm high, Middle Eastern appearance, black hair”…

  • Always the perfect Coexist sign. Wish it was a bumper sticker.

    • Frau Katze

      That’s a good one. I’ve used it several times. I don’t like to use overuse one. I have a collection of them.

  • Brett_McS

    I bet it was more like “I keel you!”

  • The Goat

    Michael Coren thinks putting up those danish flags was a crude provocation without nuance or purpose.

  • DaninVan
  • occupant 9

    Denmark, like the Netherlands, is celebrating 70 years of liberation from the allies of the masses of Muslims they have invited to “occupy” their nation since then.

    I guess peace was just too much for them that they felt it necessary to import war.

    • k1992

      The capacity to maintain a free and peaceful society is kind of like staying in shape – you have to work at it or, like muscles, the ability atrophies and weakens.