Mid-week rant from Turkey: Germany, Denmark not doing enough to fight discrimination against Muslims

Germany and Denmark came under fire from the U.N. over growing discrimination of Muslims. Reviewing various reports from civil society organizations in both Germany and Denmark, discrimination and xenophobia is a growing trend in both countries as the two countries are not doing enough to eliminate discriminatory elements from both state institutions and society.

“Racism in Germany is not only found in extreme right-wing circles, but in all parts of society,” the German government admitted to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Geneva on Tuesday.

“Many politicians and parties fail to consistently disassociate themselves from racist resentments, stereotypes and prejudices,” added Selmin Çaliskan, secretary-general of Amnesty International in Germany. The German Institute for Human Rights warned against growing racism in the country and urged the government to take an active stance in combating it.

Danish government policies have not served many immigrants’ needs leading them to become the most alienated and demoralized individuals in Danish society, much like immigrant populations elsewhere.

“Today, the problem was not only the failure of authorities to take responsibility, but that the state party itself was discriminating. There was a lack of effective remedies due to the failure of the incorporation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and other international laws in the national legislation. The government was in denial of hate crimes while other issues of concern were racial profiling,” said a Danish nongovernmental organization, the Documentation Centre for Racial Discrimination…

When it would appear too obvious to have highly-places politicians deliver rants too often, the ruling party turns to news sites sympathetic to the AK Party.