Letter to the editor: A few cartoons won’t bring down Islam, so why the violence?

To the editor: Muslims who attack people who create images critical of Islam and the prophet Muhammad are overestimating the influence of these images. (“Texas attack refocuses attention on fine line between free speech and hate speech,” May 4)

With a cursory Web search, I can find artwork critical of Islam and Muhammad dating back at least to the Renaissance, and yet Islam is a very strong religion today with about 1.5 billion followers. There were only 200 people who attended the event in Texas, and Charlie Hebdo has a circulation of only 60,000.

Islam has demonstrated that it can withstand criticism. Thus, I think would-be attackers should look at the big picture and realize that in general their religion is doing fine.

Greg Dahlen, Glendale

Source (LA Times).

  • Tokenn

    Nope. The Islamic world can _exclude_ intelligent criticism with a furious unthinking freakout…but there is no way it can _answer_ intelligent criticism. This is where I think the whole ‘Muhammad cartoon’ foofarah is going off the track. If the actual history of Islam, its founding and its founder were openly discussed and examined critically, the nature of the hateful, vicious, totalitarian ideology that it really is, plus the ambitious, manipulative murderous psycho that was its founder…would be revealed for all to see. Once that became common knowledge, the sham religion and the disgusting tyrants that use it would be on very shaky ground.

    There…do I get my own fatwa now?

    • First of all, it would require the will to read and then to critically think, neither of which some in the post-modern West will do.

      I think even the left knows that Islam (like communism) is contrary to its lifestyle. They still won’t admit that.

  • Apparently it can’t withstand criticism. There are several examples of Islam just not doing so. Not even Mohammad could take a refusal. Islamism is a culture not of self-criticism and inquiry but of tribalism and rage.