Is it Time for a New Law of War?

Which side has the advantage – terrorists firing rockets behind human shields or armies trying to stop them?

Judging by how quickly the media and international organizations adopt a narrative of war crimes against the IDF, Hamas and other terrorists currently enjoy the upper hand. They hide behind civilians to attack Israel indiscriminately, and Israel suffers the blame when Palestinian civilians are killed in counter-terror operations.

Indeed, the Israeli army is currently awaiting the result of a war crimes investigation from the UN’s Human Rights Council, a procedure that has been dubbed “Goldstone II” in some circles, in reference to the Goldstone Report of 2009, which accused Israel or war crimes. (But which Goldstone himself “reconsidered” two years later.)

“Armies must carry out their duties without fear of war crimes accusations,” said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, head of the Shurat HaDin organization, which held a conference this week in Jerusalem to examine how well the laws of war stand up to the demands of the modern battlefield. “The Geneva Conventions never envisioned the mass rocket campaigns of Hamas and Islamic Jihad”…