Geert Wilders plans Prophet Mohammed expo after US shootings

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders said on Wednesday he wanted to stage a parliamentary exhibition of the cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed that sparked a deadly shooting in Texas that left two dead.

“I am going to request parliament to exhibit the same cartoons as those that were displayed in Garland,” Mr Wilders told AFP on Wednesday, referring to the Dallas suburb where the shooting took place on Sunday.

Police said the two gunmen drove up to the conference centre in Garland, where the American Freedom Defence Initiative was organising a controversial Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest, and opened fire with assault rifles, hitting a security guard in the ankle.

  • Gary

    Once muslims kill off the really smart and hard working people they will be back to Oil Lamps and donkeys .

  • k1992

    “cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed” – as opposed to the “Lord Jesus Christ”? I know it’s just a small thing but it bugs the hell out of me when they do that. Because it’s a sign of creeping islamization, I suppose, and perhaps also because it implies a certain legitimacy for that pedophile robber baron from the 7th century.

    • Nash Montana

      Right with you, it bothers the heck out of me. “The prophet mohammed” spoken with reference. But you never hear “The son of God Jesus”.

  • winniec

    YES OR NO?
    Muslims need to be challenged because they unconsciously support vigilantism. They need to bring it into their conscious mind and decide if they want THE RULE OF LAW or VIGILANTISM.
    One or the other. If they reject vigilantism, they leave Islam.

  • roccolore

    These should be in every city.

  • ontario john

    And where is the Christian church in Western countries while islam rampages around the world. Well, the United Church Observer website is excited about the church summer camps this year. Forget about Jesus Christ and those silly Christian teachings. Enjoy such church camps for your kids, like the rainbow camp where kiddies can explore their homosexuality, or the David Suzuki camp which explores global warming, or the exciting camp that teams up young people with indians to go on tours of residential schools. Yes these are actual camps. So forget about that stupid Christian faith and certainly don’t be an islamophobe.

  • palintologist

    There is NO prohibition against drawing Mo-HAM-head in the koran. This was a “rule” made by the Taliban in recent years!

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I have no problem with people exercising their freedom of speech as long as there is total freedom of speech. In fact France is prosecuting those that criticize or are critical of the state of Israel. We either have total freedom of speech or government sanctioned freedom of speech. Which is why when people say why can’t we insult Islam or whatever they are for their freedoms, but some people cannot exercise theirs. That is the honest truth and most of what Geller about is trying to post ads on buses and rile up people and pit both sides to cause I believe a clash of civilizations. It is her job to do this nonsense which I believe is a terrible living and she should be ashamed of herself. She lives off of hate. She can’t be religious by her actions. She probably works for the weapons companies.

    • Please give us an example of “France… prosecuting those that criticize or are critical of the state of Israel”.

      I wasn’t aware that Pamela Geller was based in France, BTW.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      All nations follow similar laws and even Canada has either laws on the way or laws on the books that are coming to prosecute certain types of speech. Remember governments want you to follow orders and be a good compliant citizen whenever possible. No one wants those that are critical of anyone. Which is why they hate thinking individuals which challenge the official stories like 9/11, JFK and so forth.

      • I’d really like a specific example of France prosecuting someone for criticizing Israel, though.

        Geller is American. The 1st Amendment is at least in theory absolute. I am not aware that she has ever advocated restricting anyone’s freedom of speech.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          This story that I found is something that proves that government sanctioned free speech is happening in the West:

          Also, Geller has her followers and they ignore atrocities done by the wars since 9/11. The fact is they don’t want another look into who did 9/11. They I think want restrictions based on anyone critical of Israel. Remember the parties in the US reflect how the members will be. Also, there is government sanctioned freedom of speech because the parties reflect how the nation truly is.

          But to be frank the media meaning most Western media report on stories to cause the wars and they are all in on it.

          • Press TV is batshit crazy Iranian propaganda. Notice how they don’t even come up with a name for the man allegedly being persecuted.

            There is a distinction between speech and organized mass demonstrations. You initially said France was going after people who “criticize or are critical of the state of Israel”. This seems more like a crowd-control issue. One generally needs a permit for a rally.

            That being said, France like most European countries has no particular tradition of respect for freedom of expression. I’m quite willing to believe they might be in the wrong here.

            Again, it’s got nothing to do with Geller, who BTW isn’t under any obligation to focus on your pet peeves.

            Is there any particular reason that you “think (Geller and her ‘followers’) want restrictions based on anyone critical of Israel.”? Just spidey-sense? AFAIK she is a free speech absolutist, and a very brave one.

            I’m not going to engage with the truther stuff. I’m not going to repeatedly bash my head with a plank of wood either.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Also, she is there to cause riling up and to cause wars. Has anyone ever checked her history and where she gets her money from?

            I would say no because people focus on the issues rather than what her history is and who she is motivated by.

            Usually these Zionists never met a war they didn’t like and never apologize for how many people have to suffer for the wars caused by the US.

            And the truth is followers of parties usually follow how the party apparatus is.

            Remember that both the Democrats and the Republicans attend AIPAC and therefore they will do whatever Israel wants.

            They want no national independence. They want no independent foreign policy. They are traitors to the USA.

            Anyone that is not for the nation and aligns themselves to a foreign policy is therefore against the nation itself and is a traitor to the nation.

            Geller wants I believe by her actions and her posters a clash of civilizations.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    In fact this free speech debate has been skewed and people have to understand that either you have total free speech or just government sanctioned free speech. Nothing can be more apparent than being critical of the Israeli state:

    • Gaian

      Billy Bobber, you make little if no sense at all. Why don’t you just come out and say you hate Jews, because you have been taught to hate Jews, by hateful christians.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Being against Jews does not make sense. Being against Israel does make sense because they cause wars, violate international resolutions and the people in Israel are very much for that. The government in Israel is the problem for the most part because they carry out the policies. The people want war and believe the propaganda.

  • Gaian

    Pam Geller, Geert Wilders, that Garland cop that shot those two terrorist scum and even Benjamin Netanyahu are turning out to be the kind of heroes we need in the world right now.

  • BoobieTheRocketDog

    Where? Amsterdam?