#Garlandshooting Muslim Terrorists Honored As Martyrs In Pakistan

The terrorists killed in Texas on Sunday while attempting to carry out an attack have been honored as martyrs in Pakistan.

Around 100 people gathered to hold a memorial service in Peshawar for the gunmen. A cleric delivered a eulogy saying “The exhibition of the blasphemous caricatures was unbearable for Muslims. It was shocking, sad, tragic and intolerable. We have gathered here to pay tribute and to carry out the Islamic rites for the Muslims who tried to stop it and sacrificed their lives and they will now be called ‘Martyrs for the prophet’s honor.’”

  • mobuyus

    I call them dead pieces of filthy shit.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I may be having trouble with my vision. I initially thought that the sign said, “… Who Embarrassed Martyrdom …”

  • Rosenmops

    Scary to think these murderous goat fcukers have nukes.

  • topposter

    He must mean martyrs for the Nothing to do with Islam prophet. Right?

  • Gary

    Yep, and canada still lets in 1000’s of these types that even had children here that became the Toronto-18 terrorist .