Former gang member sues Ontario for $10 million over jailhouse beating

To answer a simple question from his lawyer about whom he relies on for much of his daily routine, Jason Walters used his left hand to slowly form three letters on a piece of paper.


Walters, 32, suffers from aphasia, a brain condition that leaves him often unable to articulate or understand words. He developed it after being beaten unconscious by a group of fellow inmates in the Toronto (Don) Jail in November 2008 — an attack allegedly led by the notorious leader of a rival gang.

  • barryjr

    Good plan put the rival gangs in the same block and let them deal with each other, save tax payers some money. As to this idiot, his family raised him and helped him become what he is so give him back to his family and let those that love him take care of him. I’m sure if you ask really nice his gangbanger friends will chip in some money to help with his expenses. Red Star can always start a go fund me page for their idiot readers to support. There I feel so much better for coming up with suggestions to help such a misguided oppressed youth.

  • cmh

    too bad he lived

  • CodexCoder

    I guess he missed the memo – Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • c w

    Ummm, he at the time of his arrest(s) denied every being a part of any gang, no matter how good the evidence may have been. He was taken at his word, it is not so infelicitous that he is suffering because we believed him.

  • simus1

    Red Star has enough staff now to cover the court case dealing with government culpability for the plight of a low level gangster thrashed in jail by rivals but not enough before for that almost zero media attended trial of a lefty big shot perv?
    How interesting.

  • I think he’s in the right.

    Look, from what I’ve made out over a lifetime of exposure to pop culture, high-security prison is a place where weaker and less psychopathic inmates get brutalized and serially raped.

    Also, apparently, prison rape is really funny in a cute, lighthearted way for some reason.

    This case is bad. It is not good. Even if this guy was a Very Bad Dude, it’s still not okay that he got his skull bashed in. If the authorities could have prevented that then they should have.