Evening Standard Columnist Tweets Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory About London Jewish Editor

6f9df4a501faa73e0b3fedfa71cffaa2Mira Bar-Hillel, crackpot

A columnist for Britain’s Evening Standard on Wednesday promoted an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory wherein Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard controls British Prime Minister David Cameron.

On Twitter, Israeli-born Mira Bar-Hillel described Pollard as “Cameron’s puppetmaster [sic],” adding that she expected “3 in 4 British Jews” to shun Labour Party leader Ed Miliband in the country’s upcoming general elections:

Bar-Hillel made the comments after Jewish Chronicle staff writer Marcus Dysch interviewed Cameron on Tuesday.

Dysch reported that Cameron had relayed concerns about the Labour Party drawing equivalence between Israel and Hamas:

Pollard, who is Jewish, responded to Bar-Hillel’s comments on Wednesday by calling her an “unapologetic antisemite [who] trots out the Jewish puppet master line.” He also wrote on Twitter, “If you ever wondered just how deranged modern antisemitism can be, try this,” sarcastically adding, “Apparently I control the PM!”…

h/t Marvin