China Closes Road Rage Gap With West

“…This first video was published on social networks on May 3. It shows two cars stopping on the side of a busy road in Chengdu, in Sichuan province. A man gets out of his car, walks to the other vehicle, and drags a woman out. He knocks her to the ground and brutally beats her, even kicking her in the face. This video drew outrage from Internet users.

However, later that day, a second video was published, and the tide of public opinion quickly turned.”

Warning – Violence…..

  • Gaian

    I don’t give a damn what the woman did. That man is a barbaric animal to beat on a woman almost half his size. She never even hit him. That man should not even have a child in his car, much less in his presence. The Chinese law enforcement will probably do nothing about it because the guy is probably a party official.

  • What a cowardly man – a murderer at heart, no self-control whatever, he should be in prison.

  • El Martyachi

    That woman was begging to be PIT maneuvered.

    My cousin once lost it like this. He’s a Vin Diesel kinda guy who ended up punching through the driver’s window and pulling the guy through the hole and pummelling him a bit. He got house arrest.

  • Perfectchild

    This is what living under Communism and the religion of Socialism does to you. You can’t think rationally, (because it’s a Hate Crime).

    • I don’t think all chinese are like this. Many I’ve met (I’ve been there) seemed like very nice people. It does not seem to be a very violent country.

      • lolwut?

        and there are many more videos like it.

        Here in Vancouver, cops in Chinatown had to crack down on parents using their children as human shields so they could jaywalk across streets. They literally hold their kids out like a blind persons cane to force traffic to stop.

        It’s amazing what overpopulation does to the mind of people
        combine that with Communism.

        • Yes, I’ve seen the above video. I am also shocked by the documentaries about slavery – young kids being kidnapped and put to hard work for no pay. And then there are the videos of chinese men skinning young dogs alive and awake. Etc.
          Still, I do not think that is representative of all chinese. Maybe I’m wrong – who can know for sure?

  • Xavier

    It doesn’t matter. We will all be riding in Johnny Cabs soon.

  • Maggat

    A vast number of Chinese drivers got their licenses in Richmond B C. What do you expect?

  • Jeff Surrency

    Any of the men in Ms Lu’s family should seek that man out and show him what a REAL beating is, and I mean spare nothing use pipes, sticks, knives whatever. That guy is a bully and all bullies deserve to be terminated. People cut me off all the time on the road, and I just take a deep breath and let it go.