Amal Clooney Stirs Controversy Wearing Met Gala Gown by Disgraced Designer John Galliano

Amal Clooney, the Lebanese human rights lawyer who rose to prominence last year after marrying famed actor George Clooney, prompted a social media uproar after revealing that disgraced designer John Galliano had designed her gown for the Met Gala on Tuesday night.

Ahead of the prestigious event,Vogue magazine posted on Instagram a photo of Clooney, 37, being fitted by Galliano into the voluminous red dress before heading out to the star-studded event with her husband. Also appearing in the shot was Anna Wintour, the powerful Vogue editor-in-chief who has been working to rehabilitate Galliano after he was fired from Christian Dior four years ago over an antisemitic rant.

Social media users said they were disappointed by Amal’s decision to wear the design by Galliano. One Instagram user said, “So a human rights lawyer is being dressed by a vicious antisemite? Hideous.” Another wrote, “I thought she was a human rights lawyer? I am so disappointed by her choice to wear something by Galliano.” Yet another said she was “surprised and confused” by the choice.

“I use to be a fan of her work and now I think she may be just a phony. Such a shame she wouldn’t see the hypocrisy,” another noted.

The fashion designer lost his job at Christian Dior in 2011 following an antisemitic rant he made at a Paris bar in which he declared, “I love Hitler” and told two women that their mothers and “forefathers would all be … gassed”…

Muslim mother, Druze father. I am not surprised in the least.  She absorbed it from her culture. (Not that it is exclusive to Islam by any means).  She hardly appears to be a devout Muslim.